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Lead in a crisis and create high-performing teams

While we're in lockdown, managers are adapting to working remotely and getting to grips with managing their teams from a distance. To help navigate the opportunities and challenges presented we’ve opened up over 30 hours of our leadership and management modules for free to sharpen your leadership skills.

These online modules have a unique digital emphasis to develop future-focused leaders who understand the impact of technology in the workplace. They’ll also give you the knowledge and skills to create high performing teams and the set of tools to draw on for the rest of your career.

Who is it for?

High-potentials and mid-level managers moving into senior roles.

How long is the course?

Each module is 4 hours


Fully online, designed to fit around work and home life.

Management and Leadership modules

Select from three free online modules and raise your leadership game.

  • Leading teams and individuals to success

    • Develop, manage and lead high performance teams
    • Manage remote teams and team leaders
    • Achieve balance in your team
  • Change management

    • The reasons for change
    • Approaches to change management
    • Plan and implement change
  • Project Management

    • The Importance of Projects and Strategy
    • Successfully Managing Projects
    • Managing Projects in Different Contexts

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