Apprentice Content Producer

Inecoski Media is a publishing and production company.  We specialize in the creation of topical, social impact, vibrant and thought-provoking multi-media fiction and non-fiction content.  We use the power of the arts to challenge the status quo, share our journey, creativity and imagination to influence how people experience and think about cultural, development, economic, society and political discourse in our increasingly complex world. 


This is an exciting opportunity to combine professional training with real work experience in a unique role. Inecoski Media are currently seeking a highly motivated individual for a Junior Content Producer Level 3 apprenticeship programme, the successful applicant will be capable of effectively capturing, creating and developing content and have an understanding of the media landscape, giving your employer the advantage of targeting potential customers effectively.  Open to applicants from the age of 16, the course is engaging and practical and will enable you to successfully perform in dynamic and creative environments.


The successful applicant:

  • Must already have English and Maths GCSEs at Grade C (4) or above and preferably a total of five GCSEs.
  • 20% of the apprenticeship must be done away from your normal work environment to count towards your off-the-job training. 
  • This can be a mix of face to face and virtual classrooms, projects, distance learning and meetings with your dedicated Learning and Development Coach from Arch Apprentices.
  • At the end of your apprenticeship, you will receive the qualification of a Junior Content Producer Level 3

You will be able to:

  • Interpret your employer’s objectives as regards to target audience engagement.
  • Research, analyse and collate information to inform short-term and long-term digital communications.
  • Recommend the appropriate platform/s or channel/s to use for campaigns.
  • Storyboard and script ideas for content to be developed.
  • Understand the target audience experience to ensure content is maximising engagement.
  • Capture images and audio using basic video, still cameras and audio equipment.
  • Use industry-standard packages to edit and post produce content.

Your role is dynamic and varied and you will work on all aspects of content development for marketing purposes, as well as on substantive creative projects using all media types – text, audio and video.  Your day to day responsibilities could include:

  • Researching, preparing for and producing short videos, podcasts, blog posts and/or any media needed to achieve your employer’s objectives.
  • Work with colleagues, partners, freelancers and contractors to contribute to the completion of the company’s publication and production slates.   
  • Play an active role in the management of the company’s social media assets and profiles, including understanding the needs of target audiences for the purposes of developing content that addresses these needs
  • Participate in company activities, training and development programmes
  • Experience in navigating your way around the internet and to carry out the necessary research and related activities to support your role
  • Experience in using standard computer applications required to carry out day to day activities such as communication and reporting 
  • Experience in using social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest
  • An appreciation of diversity and its importance to the communities your employers work with
  • An open mind and willingness to learn and contribute your own ideas
  • Integrity and respect
  • A willingness to apply yourself to the job and to your own personal and professional development
  • A willingness to work in diverse environments and locations
  • A sense of humour

Upon completing the apprenticeship, there are real progression opportunities available. Along with your employer, you may decide to progress onto a level 4 programme and take your career even further.


Think you have what it takes? Apply today!