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As the chosen provider of finance apprenticeships across the Civil Service, Arch's programmes not only have an impact on individuals but can also be delivered at scale across teams. We offer programmes for entry-level assistants and accountants looking to make the next step in their career. 

Finance Apprenticeship programmes

What is a Finance Apprenticeship?

A finance apprenticeship combines work and study at the same time to provide you with the necessary qualifications and experience to progress in finance and accountancy. These accounting apprenticeships are usually split into 80% work and 20% training or study. They vary by level, from advanced to accounting higher apprenticeships, all of which are accredited by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT).

Why consider a Finance Apprenticeship?

A finance apprenticeship can fast track you to a career in accounting, which is a highly sought-after job that pays highly. Not to mention, as you undergo an accounting apprenticeship, you can earn a wage while gaining the necessary qualifications.

Having an apprenticeship also sets you apart from other applicants, as you will already have had valuable work experience, which is just as important as the qualifications. With AAT apprenticeships, you will learn important skills, such as processing payments, tracking business expenses and date entry, all of which are essential in a finance job search.

What are the entry requirements for accounting apprenticeships?

The entry requirements depend on the level of apprenticeship you’re applying for. As stated, this ranges from an intermediate apprenticeship to a degree apprenticeship.

  • A level 3 finance apprenticeship is equivalent to A-levels. To apply, applicants need at least 3 GCSEs or an intermediate apprenticeship qualification.
  • A higher accounting apprenticeship, which is a level 4-7 apprenticeship, is equivalent to a foundation degree or the first year of a bachelors. Applicants need at least 5 GCSEs and level 3 qualifications to apply, which could be a level 3 apprenticeship or AS-levels.

What are the different types of Finance Apprenticeship?

At AVADO, we offer 2 different finance apprenticeships:


Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship

Our Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship is a level 3 apprenticeship aimed at anyone starting their accountancy career. After completing this 18-month apprenticeship, the apprentice will graduate with a qualification equivalent to an AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting.


Accounting Technician Apprenticeship

An accounting technician is a valuable part of the finance industry and they carry out many tasks to assist chartered accountants. Our Accounting Technician Apprenticeship is a level 4 course that lasts 18 months. Learners gain an AAT professional diploma. 

How does a Finance apprenticeship work?

Like most apprenticeships, a finance apprentice will spend 80% of their time on the job carrying out daily responsibilities. The other 20% of their time will involve the necessary study or training for the apprenticeship qualification. The training includes classroom study, which is either face to face or online, there is also regular mentoring, attending industry events and shadowing other teams.

What careers are available after completing a Finance apprenticeship?

Qualifications such as these banking apprenticeships open up an array of possibilities when it comes to future careers. Options include becoming a:

  • Broker
  • Bookkeeper
  • Senior cashier
  • Foreign currency adviser
  • Pensions team leader
  • Financial manager
  • Insurance broker
  • Accountant

On top of this, the skills you learn are transferable and will help you progress into any career if you no longer want to pursue finance. For example, you will learn strong numeracy skills and communication skills, while becoming familiar with a range of software.

Why choose AVADO for an apprenticeship in Finance?

The main benefit of our AAT apprenticeships is that they are accredited by the necessary professional bodies and 97% of our apprentices continue to a successful destination. With our accounting apprenticeships, the applicant is supported throughout the course; this involves face to face visits with a Learning and Development Coach. There is also an off-the-job tracker that ensures the balance between work and study is fairly met.

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