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Marketing apprenticeships are at the heart of Arch & AVADO. From creating the first-ever digital marketing apprenticeship in 2013 through to one of our marketing apprentices' being the first to complete the Digital Marketer apprenticeship standard (and achieving distinction!) - digital is our expertise.

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Marketing Apprenticeship FAQs

What is a marketing apprenticeship?

Marketing apprenticeships revamp the business' marketing department to use top level industry practices with structured hiring and training programmes. Apprenticeships bring the business knowledge and hands-on experience on the current best marketing practices in the industry. Skills learned vary from creative content production to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO).

What are the different types of marketing apprenticeship?

There are three pathways that your Marketing Apprentice can take. Each marketing apprenticeship focuses on it's individual sector (and has it's own specialisation) allowing the business to develop in the area where there are skill gaps.

Check out our list below for the different types of apprenticeships:

Digital Marketer Apprenticeship | Level 3

This programme is created for organisations to digitally transform their marketing department to better understand digital channels and best practices to optimise all marketing on these channels.

There are two pathways within the Digital Marketer Apprenticeship, each vary in content delivery and outcome. See below.

Squared Online is Avado's award-winning global digital leadership programme developed with Google, aimed at experienced professionals looking to gain an understanding about digital marketing technology, how to use it and how to lead teams effectively on digital campaigns.

Apprentices will gain the following qualifications: Google Digital Garage, Google Analytics Academy, Avado's Squared Online certifications, BCS Coding and Logic, Digital Marketer Level 3 Apprenticeship

View the programme here.

Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship | Level 3

This programme is developed for a business to fill a supporting role in the content production sector for the marketing team. Apprentices will create assets and content used in marketing or advertising campaigns or communications. Skills for content production will be made in a variety of formats that align with the organisations brand strategy including digital, social media, broadcast and print.

Apprentices will gain the following qualifications: Junior Content Producer Level 3 Apprenticeship

View the programme here.

Advertising & Media Executive Apprenticeship | Level 3

This programme is suitable for an organisation looking to fill an entry-level role or up-skill a role within their marketing team. Apprentices will be involved in the whole process of a campaign, from contribution through to execution and measuring the effectiveness.  There are two pathways within the Advertising and Media Executive Apprenticeship both focusing on unique elements that apply to campaign creation and distribution of the advertisement or campaign. 

Your apprentice will be in a specific pathway, that will be either:   

Creative Specialist pathway assists creative producers in developing campaigns in line with brief and client’s needs.  Understanding and integrating the client’s needs and business goals into the campaign.  Apprentices develop, build and maintain relationships with the client by delivering the creative strategy for their advertisement or campaign. 

Media Specialist pathway focuses on the strategy behind delivering client campaigns in the right channel, place and time to meet the business needs.  Apprentices will have the capacity to measure the success of a campaign by reporting on media metrics. 

Apprentices will gain the following qualifications: IPA Foundation Certificate, IPA Commercial Certificate (for IPA members only), Advertising & Media Executive Level 3 Apprenticeship

View the programme here.

How will your business benefit from a Marketing Apprentice with AVADO?

Apprentices are proven to bring great value to your business. AVADO's structured award-winning training programme has been designed to meet the needs of your company.

With our marketing apprenticeships, the applicant is supported throughout the course; this involves face to face visits with a Learning and Development Coach. There is also an off-the-job tracker that ensures the balance between work and study is fairly met.

If you are looking to hire a new apprentice or up-skill your marketing department, get in touch now with our expert team members by filling in the form at the top of this page.

Once complete, we will get in touch and be able to provide you with a bespoke service to find the perfect apprentice or help you get the most of your levy fund by training your current staff.

If you are looking to become a marketing apprentice, you can use our apprenticeship vacancies to find the one that suits you best.