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Over the past two years, apprenticeships have changed considerably. No longer seen as a 'second option', young people of all academic backgrounds are choosing apprenticeships as their next step. 

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Are you still under misconceptions?

  • Only for school leavers

    Apprenticeships are available to people at all stages in their career, from school leavers and graduates to management and C-suite professionals

  • Poor pay

    While the apprentice minimum wage is £3.90 p/h, we only work with employers that provide a salary of at least £10,000 p/a (31% higher than the minimum)

  • Poor qualifications

    Most apprenticeships include at least one industry-recognised qualification

  • For manual jobs

    Nearly every career offers an apprenticeship route, from digital and creative to teaching and law. 

  • 5000+

    people trained by Arch

  • 2000+

    employers have worked with Arch

  • 97%

    learner satisfaction

  • 95%

    employer satisfaction

Ensuring equal opportunities

We are proud of the excellent mix we have in terms of ethnicity, social background and gender, which means you can be sure a young person applying to us will be judged solely on merit, and will be part of a rich and diverse group of young people starting their careers together. We try and keep our qualification requirements to a minimum and look for passion and commitment from our candidates as opposed to experience.