Digital really is business transformation: The Executive Diploma student interview [video]

As an interim chief technology officer, Rachel Murphy-Cooper already held a great deal of background knowledge on digital business and transformation when she enrolled on the Executive Diploma in Digital Business.

But as she explains in this five-minute video, she has still “learnt a boat-load” on the course.


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Driving change: Digital business transformation

“I’m an interim CTO,” Rachel explains in the video above. “I have always been an interim. I’ve worked in various different sectors. I’ve never worked permanently anywhere.

“My area of expertise really is around driving change. Digital is all around us right now. It’s absolutely everywhere. You’ve got to have your head up your backside if you’re not being influenced in some shape, way or form around digital and I think having that cutting edge information pushed to you as part of a learning experience is incredibly powerful.

“For me, I have learnt a boat-load during the last few months.

Why enrol on the Executive Diploma in Digital Business?

“The piece that appealed around [AVADO’s] approach was the fact that it’s very interactive and you’ve got multiple things that are stimulating you at the same time.

“I’ve got a lot of energy, and a very short attention span, so for me, I needed something that was A: Going to really interest me in way of the other material. But B: How the stuff is actually being delivered to me needed to be different to sitting in a classroom.

“Professionally, I’ve run IT and digital departments for a number of years now, so from an IT perspective, I have a pretty good handle on the opportunities around digital. Where I don’t have experience is on the marketing side. So, social marketing, and it was that piece that particularly appealed. It’s also that piece that, unsurprisingly, I found hardest as I’ve gone through the course.

“We tend to start each of the webinars with a bit of a wash up on the key news that’s happened from a digital perspective, and if you read something interesting you file a copy of it and you’re sharing that at the start of the group. So, in way of being bang up-to-date, you really are as you go through this programme.

Digital really is business transformation

“Digital is not standing still you know, I would lay money the fact that the cohort going through the programme now, they will be looking at different material to the material I looked at back in April, because stuff has moved on so much.

“But I think it’s absolutely essential that C-level, and the next level of managers explore things like the [Executive Diploma]. It’s just a very rounded package of what digital is and for any businesses right now, business transformation has to be at the heart of where they are going.

“My personal view is that digital really is business transformation and I think that it is a really solid base upon which to get people interested and motivated around that subject.”

Have you implemented any of the Diploma within your work?

“Since April, we have implemented agile.

“Implementing agile was not a five minute thing; we’re still going through the process now. It is a fundamental shift from how they’ve been working to date and it has yielded positive results already. But of course, all of it – the terminology, the self-managing teams, the reporting in a fundamentally different way – all of that has been a massive learning curve. But it has helped us immensely in delivering high priority projects.

“We’ve also driven registrants. We have nearly 700,000 registrants – nurses and midwives – and of that group, from a segmentation perspective, nearly 200,000 of those are millennials, so they’re expecting us to communicate with them in any way other than a letter arriving on the doormat.

“What we’ve done is, we’ve started to drive our user base to our online services and that benefits us in numerous different ways.Digital really is business transformation, Rachel Murphy-Cooper says.

“We can make sure we’ve got their details correct, we can interact with them a whole lot faster, and cheaper, and probably more effectively than we did previously. And there’s huge cost saving – it was costing us upwards of quarter of a million to send letters out to all of our registrants, and so in way of creating efficiency, that’s been massive.

“By Christmas, 80% of our registrants will be online and we will be driving changes in how nurses and midwives revalidate during the course of next year, and that advent of digital services will help that immensely.”

Find out more about the Executive Diploma in Digital Business: call our friendly course advisors on +44 20 7173 5901, or email for further details.

Stephanie Khan

Stephanie is a former Marketing Apprentice, and now a Content Marketing Executive at AVADO. Since completing her apprenticeship, she has become an advocate for apprentices and the benefit they bring to businesses. She writes about modern apprenticeships, the levy, and the digital skills crisis.

Posted December 7, 2015