Completing an AAT course in bookkeeping can help you to get your foot in the door and kickstart your bookkeeping career. It can also help with your career progression if you’re already in a bookkeeping role but would like to gain further skills. Whether it’s your gateway into a bookkeeping job or you’re completing your AAT course alongside your current job, you’ll likely be wondering about the average bookkeeper salary and what you could be earning once you’ve gained your qualification.

Completing an AAT bookkeeping course will demonstrate to employers not only that you have the skills and knowledge required to succeed in a bookkeeping role, but also that you have passion for the sector and are willing to engage in independent study. If you’re wondering how much you could end up earning throughout your bookkeeping career, continue reading our guide below. We’ll discuss what you can expect from each course and what type of jobs you could be eligible for. We’ll also look into the salaries you might be able to earn once you qualify.

AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping Course

This is the foundation course for bookkeeping and provides the perfect introduction to the profession. It’s ideal for those looking to learn the basics and is usually most suitable for those who have not yet begun their career in bookkeeping.

With this being a foundation level course, you do not need any experience working in this field or any other formal academic requirements. GCSEs in English and Maths are recommended but not crucial. During the course you’ll learn the basics of two main areas; bookkeeping transactions and bookkeeping controls. Within these modules you’ll begin to understand business documentation, statements, transactions and payment records. You’ll also learn how to prepare control accounts, use journals, manage cash books and deal with petty cash. After completing this course you can start applying for entry level roles in bookkeeping.

Potential career and bookkeeper salary options with AAT Level 2 Course:

Accounts Clerk – £18,500

Finance Assistant – £21,000

AAT Level 3 Bookkeeping Course

A natural progression from the AAT Level 2, this course covers the more advanced aspects of the bookkeeping profession. For this reason, you must have completed the foundation certificate before moving on to this course.

This course consists of three modules – Advanced Bookkeeping, Final Accounts Preparation and Indirect Tax. In each of the units, you’ll learn about the more in-depth bookkeeping processes and learn how to do advanced parts of the job in more detail. This is an excellent choice to go alongside a work placement as it gives you the tools to practice what you’ve learned along the way. The AAT Level 3 completes the bookkeeping learning pathway, allowing you to apply for AAT Bookkeeper (AATQB) status and start earning a more senior bookkeeper’s salary. From here, you can work as a freelance bookkeeper meaning you can charge by the hour for your work.

Potential career and bookkeeper salary options with AAT Level 3 Course:

Bookkeeper – £25,000

Finance Assistant – £25,000

How much do self employed bookkeepers earn?

Self employed bookkeeper earnings vary depending on the number of hours you’ve worked. Qualified bookkeepers with AATQB status can expect to charge between £15-20 an hour on average, but this can fluctuate depending on the job and contract you sign.

The AAT route to Bookkeeping

Once you have completed the full AAT Bookkeeping qualification (consisting of five computer-based assessments altogether), you can then apply for AAT Bookkeeping (AATQB) status. If you’re planning on venturing into accountancy in the future, completing these courses also gives you exemptions from the bookkeeping modules within the AAT Accountancy courses. So, you’ll be able to complete the course quicker, fast-tracking you into your dream profession.

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