Whether you’re already in a finance role and training to Chartered Accountancy status, or aiming for a job after qualifying, here’s the kind of ACCA salary and position you can expect.

As a leading provider for ACCA qualifications online, many AVADO students progress into full time accountancy and chartered accountancy careers. Most ACCA students have started their journey into the trade, having already acquired entry roles in accountancy, however, there are plenty who begin their pathway with an ACCA course too.

It’s important to note that no accountancy qualification will guarantee employment or a certain salary, but there’s no doubt having one will boost your chances. If you’re newly qualified for ACCA jobs or looking for what to expect as an ACCA qualified salary, check out our guide below. We’ll explore the salaries in the UK you can expect and advise you on the different careers available after each ACCA level of study.

ACCA Level 4 Diploma in Accounting & Business (Applied Knowledge, AB-FA (F1-F3))

The ACCA Level 4 Diploma in Accounting & Business AB-FA (F1-F3) is usually undertaken by those already working in business and finance, but those new to the industry can enrol too, providing they have a minimum of three GCSEs and two A Levels (or the equivalent). It’s also a popular starting point for those working towards Chartered Accountancy status. You’ll learn about standard accountancy practice, reporting systems, financial documents and management accounting too.

Potential ACCA careers and average salaries1:

Accounting Technician – £24,500

Management Accountant (Trainee) – £25,500

ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business (Applied Skills, LW-FM (F4-F9))

TThis course is available for those who have completed F1-F3 of the ACCA qualification, or those with exemptions for previous study and experience. The ACCA Advanced Diploma LW-FM (F4-F9) allows you to deep-dive into modules such as Corporate and Business Law, Performance Management and Taxation, Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance, and Financial Management.

This course is a level 6 qualification, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree and will usually take around 18 months to complete. This course is necessary for those looking towards higher roles and chartered accountancy status.

Potential ACCA careers and average salaries1:

Management Accountant (Trainee) – £25,500

Audit Senior – £37,500

ACCA Full Qualification AB-AAA (F1-P7)

For those who know from the start they want to achieve Chartered Accountancy status, or a high position within public accountancy, studying the full qualification is the best option. First, it offers a discounted price compared to doing each part independently, and it’s also the fastest route. The course typically takes around 36 months. This makes the ACCA qualification a useful alternative to university study as it allows you to work and gain experience at the same time.

Potential roles and average ACCA salaries1:

Financial Analyst – £41,570

Financial Accountant – £42,500

The ACCA Route to Chartered Accountancy

Upon completion of the full ACCA qualification – all 13 papers – you’ll be close to Chartered Accountancy status. The final requirement is experience, usually around three years in a relevant role. By choosing to study ACCA, you can gain experience at the same time as your study. Below, we’ve identified the average salaries you can expect with Chartered Accountancy status. It’s worth noting that many Chartered Accountancy roles also include bonus schemes, helping boost your earning potential even further!

Chartered Accountancy average salaries2:

2 to 4 years after qualification – £56,000

5+ years post qualification experience – £90,200


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1: Average salaries taken from Total Jobs Salary Checker

2: Chartered Accountancy statistics taken from prospects.ac.uk