We’ve got a new look!

If you ask people what we do, you’ll get different answers.

To some, we’re an apprenticeship business. To others we’re a provider of CIPD qualifications. And for companies undergoing digital transformation, we’re their solution to up-skilling people.

However, it’s time to get to know Avado. We’re not just a training provider, we’re a bold, energetic community made up of people who want to create real change through learning experiences. So to reflect the new Avado, we’ve got a brand-new look and feel. If you’ve spoken to us before, you’ll know that we’re pretty friendly. However, that’s not how we’ve always come across in our visual identity or tone of voice.

We’ve changed that.

The Logo

The first thing that you’ll probably notice is that we’re no longer shouting at you; AVADO is now Avado.

Our old logo didn’t accurately represent who we are. The sharpness and angles made us come across as a corporate company that lacked personality.

Our wordmark is custom and was originally hand drawn and then digitised. To add a sense of movement, ink traps have been used. Ink traps are the cuts where the body meets the stem in the lowercase a’s and d’s; it helps you see the shapes forming.

Our wordmark is the typeface Geometric Sans, which is quite popular and used by brands like Google, Spotify and Airbnb – which is also why we added ink traps to help make it our own.

The Pathway Emblem

With Avado not being a commonly known word, we wanted to create an Emblem to add familiarity.

Early on we decided that the Avado ‘A’ would be the symbol to use – it’s our Pathway Emblem. It was also important for our Emblem to embody our purpose of “unlocking potential and changing lives” and for it to reflect our learning experiences – full of progression and movement.

The design for our pathway reflects change, with the bar of the ‘A’ bouncing down and flying across the stem, with an ink trap to show momentum. We also liked how the original logo used the chevron as container for the logo, so kept that for our Emblem.

The Colour Palette

Our old colour palette was made up of blue, grey, white and black. With blue being a ‘trusting’ colour (think of the NHS or the police), it’s one that’s used commonly in education so it didn’t distinguish us from the rest.

Our new colour palette is full of vibrancy, to help bring Avado to life and truly reflect the kind of company we are.

As a digital company, accessibility played a crucial role in the creation of our palette, which is why we’ve chosen Indigo, White and Teal as our main colours as they pass visual impairment tests. As Aurora, Avado Green and Orange Pop aren’t accessible, we’ll only use them to accentuate and call attention, not to communicate.

We’ve come a long way in 30 years.

We started life in 1990 as Home Learning College and we’ve been growing ever since. First by knocking on doors. Then by leading the way in digital learning.

We became Avado in 2016.

We joined with Arch Apprentices in 2017. Today we’re a team of over 300 people, working with more than 300,000 individuals and 4,000 companies across 160 countries.

Now we’re building a business for the future of professional learning.

We never want to stop moving forward. It means constantly asking what professional skills gaps our customers are going to face in the future, and how we can keep getting better every day. With the experience and people we have and with our one unified brand, we’re in a great place.

Let’s kick on from here.

Kassie De Souza

Posted April 27, 2020