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AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting

Identify your company's digital skills gap and take action

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is ensuring that their people have the right digital skills to do their job. Actually identifying this skills gap can be daunting, but AVADO’s Capability Audit is a tried and tested process which delivers valuable business insights and a clear action plan to aid digital transformation.

It starts with a qualitative audit, in which we take the time to understand the business’ challenges and goals. This is followed by a quantitative questionnaire which helps identify the skills gap.

The Capability Audit is suitable for a wide variety of organizations, including creative agencies, media owners and digital agencies.

  • C-Suite Executives: Those who need to future-proof the skill set of the organization and ensure that strategic goals are met
  • Digital Directors: The digital leaders who need to achieve daily business performance measures
  • Human Resources: Those who need to ensure that the workforce’s skill sets are up to date
  • It is completed by everybody in the organization, and so offers insights across each level of the business

After the Capability Audit is completed, an actionable report is created which is packed full of recommendations. These recommendations include the following:

  • A complete picture of the organization’s digital skills levels, displayed in a quantified way
  • The segmentation of different departments for easier comparison
  • The identification of improvement areas to focus on immediately and so bolster business effectively
  • A comparison of the organization to our industry benchmarks
  • A digital action plan which details how to deploy training and so make the highest impact

Leadership and Vision

We will explore what percentage of time is spent on digital work currently. What are the barriers to developing and improving digital capability?


We will gage how important digital is to the business currently. Is there a “learn fast” environment? Is the organization quick to adapt? Is there permission to fail?


Does the organization have the right structure to succeed, and do the workforce believe it?

What skills will be covered?

The disciplines we focus on include: Mobile Marketing, Content Strategy, Programmatic & Ad Tech, Social, Ecommerce and D2C, CRM, Digital Design & UX, Search, Paid Media, Analytics, Web, Video, Digital Audience Planning, Digital Strategy & Digital Project Management

Here at AVADO, we have a tried and tested global benchmark for digital transformation. This means that we understand how and why businesses are not achieving their digital potential, as well as how businesses can make changes quickly and effectively. We have helped over 300 brands, agencies and media owners achieve their digital goals with online and face-to-face learning programs that are both engaging and effective.

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