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AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting
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Who is it for?

Leaders and managers who are impacted by digital. 'Change agents' influencing digital transformation 

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Certificate in Digital Leadership

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4 hours per week for 3 months

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Transform your organization with Lead Digital

Lead Digital is a 3 month online certificate in digital leadership. This pioneering course is designed to enable leaders of the digital age to think and operate differently to improve customer experience and organizational agility.


  • Leaders and managers whose functions are impacted by digital
  • 'Change agents' currently influencing their organization's digital transformation


Lead Digital covers four key aspects of digital leadership which are designed to help develop new behaviors. The course encourages students to ‘Think Digital’ and begin to consider the implications of digital for their organization.


The course comprises an introduction to thinking digitally, followed by 3 modules which are each 1 month in length:


Module 1 - Obsess About Customer Experience


In this module, you’ll begin to rethink your organization's relationship with customers. This will be achieved by profiling their new, digitally-enhanced expectations and emotions using personas.


Love Their Problems
Define the goals of your customers by identifying their needs and priorities.

Improve CX
Identify what improvements can be made to the customer experience by using customer journey mapping.

Group Project
Create a business idea that will both address customer pain points and improve customer experience.

Module 2 - Operate With Agility


In Module 2, students will begin to look at how best to apply the "test and learn" principles as a business leader. This will include how to form a hypothesis, as well as how to test assumptions.

In this module, you will build a lean business plan for a new digital initiative using the "Lean Canvas" template.

Pretotype To Get It Right

Test early stage assumptions using pretotyping.


Group Project
Refine and pitch the business idea created in Module 1, using the Lean Canvas approach and completing two feedback loops on your idea.

Module 3 - Create Impact and Influence


Module 3 will see participants explore and evaluate modern employee experience expectations. Participants will also identify ways to overcome the barriers of their existing organizational culture.


This module will cover:


Generate Momentum
Identify ways to introduce more customer-centric ways of thinking and rapid iteration into your organization, while taking into consideration the employee experience.

Disrupt Your Culture
Identify ways to stop your existing company culture is a barrier to your intentions.

Individual Project
Create a personal action plan for enabling others to think in more customer-centric ways and work in a more iterative fashion.

Also, participants will be expected to create a video or presentation to engage others in your organization.

The Lead Digital Certificate is spread out over a total of twelve weeks, with four weeks dedicated to each separate module. The first three weeks of each module are structured similarly, with pre-class activities, a live class, and post-class activities taking place. The fourth week is set aside for group or individual project work.

Module 3 differs slightly from the other modules, as it has two live class weeks followed by two project weeks.

Interactive Live Classes

The weekly interactive live classes include 45 minutes of content and 15 minutes for questions and answers. Participants' questions will be answered by expert speakers, and they will be able to share ideas with up to 200 students. Whiteboard activities, videos, polls, breakout sessions and discussions will also be prevalent.

Group Work

The cornerstone of Lead Digital is the group work. Groups are carefully selected based on levels of experience and locations and are then able to tackle real life, strategic business challenges using a range of collaboration and assessment tools. Two of Lead Digital’s projects are group submissions, and participants either pass or fail as a team.


The Lead Digital Certificate is also measurable in terms of skills gained and behavioral change. The participants’ engagement, capability, confidence and application can all be measured through a variety of surveys, projects, learner analytics and self-assessment.

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