At AVADO, we recognise that in order for a successful digital transformation to take place, there needs to be a mindset change that comes from the top. That's why we offer digitally-focused face-to-face workshops to select groups of managers and leaders, aiming to give a comprehensive view of everything digital and data, giving advice on how to encourage digital-first thinking in their teams and across the whole business.

AVADO's Face to Face workshops:

AVADO's face-to-face workshops use learning techniques that are experiential, expert-driven, and that make full use of peer-to-peer collaboration, so that learnings can be applied effectively.

Our workshops are based on five key learning principles. These are:

  • Active learning
    Our expert speakers don't talk for long periods of time without inviting contribution from participants. The AVADO facilitator challenges participants' thinking through an experienced facilitation style and safe environment
  • Experiential learning
    Workshops encourage practice through breakout sessions, reflection periods and engaging activities
  • Applicable learning
    Learnings and principles are implemented through personal, pair and group reflections, as well as through action planning.
  • Peer learning
    Every AVADO workshop ensures effective participation and discussion in breakout activities and group reflection activities.
  • Ongoing learning
    Here at AVADO, we recognise that learning doesn't happen in just one intervention. By factoring in pre- and post-workshop activities and communications, we aim to frame the learning process as one that is ongoing and which has long-term value

Face to Face Workshops

"It gave me practical experience that I can use in my role, i.e. dream big, start small and learn quick. We were taught to start with the end in mind, but the workshop changed my perspective to start with a rough idea of the end in mind and work towards that idea through small steps."

"Thought provoking, and insightful to our current attitudes, but the course also challenged us on how we were not spectators to this process."

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