How does Lead Digital work?

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AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting
For Businesses / Digital Transformation / Lead Digital / How does Lead Digital work?

Lead Digital is made up of three modules and takes a total of 13 weeks to complete. This gives participants time to attend their weekly live class, complete their pre-and-post class activities and submit their projects and any group feedback on time. The fourth week is set aside for group or individual project work.

Participants will learn and connect via the Virtual Campus which will serve as the Central hub for Lead Digital throughout the course. It’s a portal to all the live classes, activities, tools and resources - with 24/7 access, so that participants can study at a time that suits them.

Interactive Live Classes

The weekly interactive live classes include 45 minutes of content and 15 minutes for questions and answers. Participants' questions will be answered by expert speakers, and they will be able to share ideas with other participants from the course. Whiteboard activities, videos, polls, breakout sessions and discussions will also be prevalent.

Group Work

The cornerstone of Lead Digital is the group work. Groups are carefully selected based on levels of experience and locations and are then able to tackle strategic business challenges using a range of collaboration and assessment tools. Two of Lead Digital’s projects are group submissions, and participants either pass or fail as a team.


The Lead Digital Certificate is also measurable in terms of skills gained and behavioural change. The participants’ engagement, capability, confidence and application can all be measured through a variety of surveys, projects, learner analytics and self-assessment.

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