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AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting
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Lead Digital is the certificate that makes you think differently and work differently.

Taught online over three months, the Lead Digital certificate is the only programme of its kind on the market. Based on AVADO's acclaimed Diploma in Digital Business and in collaboration with respected industry leaders and experts, Lead Digital will empower participants to confidently lead their team into a more digital future and make a real change in the workplace.

Get Started

The Get Started section aims to give you an introduction to the course which includes familiarising yourself with your Virtual Campus profile, looking at your confidence levels when it comes to digital and what it means to lead in a digital age.

You'll also be looking at the changing business landscape and how it is affected by evolving technology and consumer adoption. You'll then define the impact of this as what it means for you as both a consumer and a leader. And finally, you'll get to meet your project groups, who you'll be working with throughout this course.

Module 1 - Obsess About Customer Experience

Module 1 focuses on the customer experience, and how a customer-centric approach is essential to address pain points and improve the customer journey. A 'test, learn and iterate' mindset will also be introduced, and explored further in Module 2 as you look at ways of iteratively working and planning digital initiatives. The final week will also give you a chance to work on your project with the rest of your group.

Group project: Use the Value Proposition Canvas as a tool to define a new business initiative that addresses customer pain points and improves customer experience.

Module 2 - Work Iteratively

In this module, we'll show you how to apply a 'test, learn, iterate' mindset to your own role, to create habits and techniques that you can use and develop every day. This applies to whatever role you're in, so that as a leader you can create impact and enable your team to do the same.

This module will include your second and final group project, where you'll be continuing to develop your business ideas, using a range of tools to bring them to life. In this collaborative project, you'll get to refine your approach so that you’re able to share confidently with others.

Group project: Develop and refine a Lean Canvas and MVP for the business idea defined in Module 1. Create a slide deck for pitching your idea using both the Lean Canvas and MVP. Finally, complete a retrospective on your group work over Modules 1 and 2.

Module 3 - Create Impact and Influence

Module 4 gives you the opportunity to apply the skills and tools you’ve learned in the first three modules to your own organisational context. The focus of this last module is the project and throughout the first three weeks, you'll be completing tasks that will feed directly into your final individual project.

In Week 1, you'll create a draft storyboard telling the story of your digital initiative. In Week 2, you'll look at ways to ensure your team is motivated and engaged, and in Week 3, you'll have the opportunity to test part of your initiative with your team.

Individual project: Define your priority actions for yourself and your team, then create a 90-second video to get people on board with your ideas. Finally, based on your own leadership qualities, create a 90-day action plan for driving your actions forward.

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