Channel 4 Apprenticeships

Get ahead with a Channel 4 apprenticeship powered by AVADO

If you have a passion for media and don’t want to spend more time in full-time education, then an apprenticeship with Channel 4 may be the best option for you. These Channel 4 apprenticeships are based across the country in London and Manchester and cover a variety of fields, from the creative industry to the finance sector.

What apprenticeships are available with Channel 4?

A variety of apprenticeships are offered at Channel 4. Different departments include:

  • Sales
  • Corporate Relations
  • Human Resources
  • 4Creative
  • Audience Technology & Insight
  • Press & Publicity
  • Finance

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What qualifications will I gain?

An apprenticeship with Channel 4 takes roughly 14-24 months depending on the level you opt for. This can be level 3 or level 4 based on your experience.

A level 3 apprenticeship is also known as an advanced apprenticeship and is equivalent to A Levels. A level 4 apprenticeship is a higher qualification, equivalent to a foundation degree.

Why consider an apprenticeship with Channel 4?

Channel 4 is a renowned company and numerous benefits come from studying and working with such a well-known organisation. 

With its many different departments the likelihood to secure a full-time Channel 4 job after your apprenticeship training is strong - allowing for a great opportunity to work your way up and build your career within a reputable company.

Finally, apprenticeships are popular because they offer on the job training as well as studying towards a qualification. They’re also popular as you’ll earn a wage while you learn, unlike other full-time education. Upon finishing the apprenticeship you can expect also expect a generous salary.

Why choose AVADO as your apprenticeship training provider?

AVADO help individuals find their dream career, while helping companies find rising talent. AVADO apprenticeships feature 80% on the job learning and 20% classroom or virtual study, which is measured with an off-the-job tracker to ensure this balance is met.

You’ll gain essential experience alongside accredited qualifications, all with a focus on furthering your career. This is why we have a 95% apprentice satisfaction rate and a 95% employer satisfaction rate too. On top of that, 97% of our apprentices progress to a successful destination – either further study or a new role.

As well as Channel 4, we offer a variety of apprenticeships with renowned companies, including:

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