Digital Leadership Bootcamp

Get your team up to speed overnight.
This focused workshop covers the most important aspects of digital for today’s businesses.

Digital is for your entire business, it's not just about marketing. Read the full overview below and click on the headings underneath to dig deeper.

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Who is it for?Current and future managers and leaders, change agents, programme managers, senior management and executives
Qualification:The ADBL Digital Leadership Bootcamp
Location:On site
Start date:By arrangement
Duration:1 - and 2 - day bootcamps

Learn from leaders

Experienced digital business leaders run live and recorded sessions to share knowledge, inspire and give you a new perspective on digital business leadership.

At the end of the ADBL Digital Leadership Bootcamp, you will have an understanding of:

The digital imperative

You'll understand the market drivers that require action. Clarify and prioritise your responses.

Customer perspective and unlocking data

You'd be confident on how to profile customer behaviour and better understand your data to open up business opportunities.

Innovation and agility

You'll be comfortable with employing an iterative approach to develop and rapidly test solutions to business challenges with minimal investment.

Digital channels to market

You'll learn how to reach, engage and retain customers through the digital channels that they use.

New ways of working

Re-imagine business processes using the potential of digital technologies and data-driven operations.

People, culture and transformation

You'll discuss how to prioritise people and how to overcome challenges of the wrong organisation and culture..

Invest in the ADBL’s Digital Leadership Bootcamp and your team will be able to:

Lead with confidence

Senior executives need to be confident that they can steer strategy and execution, and build the teams and partners who have the skills and tools to succeed.

Employ an iterative approach

Understand the approach of developing and rapidly testing solutions to business challenges with minimal investment.

Unlock the potential of digital in daily processes

Re-imagine business processes with the insight of digital technology and use data to drive operational changes.

Our tutor will be on hand throughout the day to answer any questions or concerns you may have. After the bootcamp, we ask you to complete a short survey about the day so we can plan the next steps for implementing your digital strategy.

The Digital Leadership Bootcamp covers the end-to-end essentials of digital business and digital transformation in a highly practical and immediately implementable format.

Module 1.
Digital Imperative

What is digital?

The ADBL's 7 lenses on the digital imperative

Breakout session: Which of the lenses are most relevant for your business?

The ADBL's Digital Transformation Framework

Breakout session: Implementing the framework with your business

Module 2.
Digital Channels to Market

What is integrated marketing and channel mix?

Creating multi-channel sales, fulfilment and customer service in the digital age

What are our competitors doing digitally?

Breakout session: What are the takeaway lessons from competitor analysis that can be applied to your business? 

Module 3.
Customer Centricity and the Power of Data

What are customers' digital expectations and behaviours?

Creating a customer-centric strategy

How do you unlock the power of data?

Module 4.
New Ways of Working

How can digital transform operations?

Establishing continuous innovation

Transforming operational processes

Empowering and enabling an agile workforce

Breakout session: How can digital benefit your operations?

Module 5.
Transforming People and Culture

Why it's important to establish a digital mindset for your business

Enabling the digital skills transformation

Creating the right digital culture

Managing your digital talent

Breakout session: What are the people and culture priorities for your business?

Module 6.

Driving Digital Transformation

What is leadership's role in driving and sponsoring digital transformation?

Contextualising priorities and key organisational messages for your business

Exemplifying the attributes of a digital leader

Breakout session: What are your target audiences and the key messages you will need to cascade for a digital transformation?

"The ADBL session was fantastic at helping Camelot leaders bring a digital way of thinking to our ways of working. Neil gave us some real food for thought, supported by credible insights and examples from other sectors. Because Neil and Owen were so flexible, both before and during the day, we were able to tailor the session to get the best out of the time we had (great example of practising what you preach, with an agile approach!)"

Emma Smith, Head of Talent & Development, Camelot