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AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting
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Dot Native has six foundation modules in Digital Business, allowing your team to develop a broader knowledge of digital than just marketing.

Digital Business

The Digital Imperative
Technology is transforming the way we do business, changing the expectations of customers and the potential for large organisations to be disrupted overnight. It is crucial to understand the dynamic technology landscape and the implications for your organisation.

Customer Centricity
Learn frameworks and practical tools to help you think through the eyes of your customers and organise around them, not just focus on them.

Channels to Market
Understand changing customer expectations and the need to provide an omni-channel approach to customer service. Your team will explore how digital channels are used to reach, convert and retain customers.

Unlocking Data
Organisations of all sizes have untapped data resources that could be used to make better business decisions and create a competitive advantage. Your team will learn how to source, store, process and analyse data.

Organisational Agility
Your team will learn about agile and lean methodologies and how you can start communicating, collaborating and working towards being a faster-moving and more effective organisation.

Digital Culture
Your team will learn what digital culture actually is, how to adopt a digital mindset, and the steps, big and small, that you can take to start your company’s digital transformation.

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