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AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting
Courses / Dot Native
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Who is it for?

Teams looking to upskill in digital marketing or digital business

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25 hours of learning split across hour long bitesize modules.

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Kickstart your digital career with modules in Digital Marketing and Digital Business

Understand the essentials of digital marketing and digital business through our interactive, bitesize content. Dot Native, our online platform, engages users through tutor-led videos, animations, case studies, drag and drop activities and much more.

Dot Native is a bitesize learning platform with content covering digital marketing and digital business. The content is designed to boost digital awareness across your entire organisation and give your team the skills they need to build digital confidence.

Dot Native is a bitesize learning platform that teaches the basics of digital marketing and digital business to global organisations. The platform is suitable for your entire organisation, as it is designed to create a baseline level of digital awareness for employees across all business functions.

The platform helps develop a digital mindset with foundational modules in digital business and digital marketing.

Dot Native covers the essentials of digital marketing and digital business for anyone across an organisation

Marketing Foundation 

This foundation module introduces your team to the principles of brand.

Content Marketing
Help your team build content that is relevant and valuable to your consumer with this foundation module.

Social Media
Your team will learn how to use social media in the most effective way for your business.

Introduce your team to mobile marketing and explore how this emerging channel sits within the current market.

Measurement & Analytics
Explore the processes that move us from data through to analytics and insight.

Search Engine Marketing
This foundation module will help your team to use search engine marketing effectively.

Your team will be introduced to how programmatic trading works, including the different transaction types.

Your team will learn which buying and selling systems can best reach target audiences whilst decreasing costs and increasing profitability.

Your team will learn strategies to approach engagement with a clearer view of how, why and who to engage.

Digital Eco-system
Your team will learn how to recognise and solve integration issues and create an integrated marketing strategy.

Dot Native has additional deep-dive modules in digital marketing, allowing your team to get a deeper insight into other areas of marketing. 

Deep-Dive Marketing

Introduction to Attribution
In this Deep Dive, the experts in attribution – Rakuten – explain what it is and how it can help your team better track what marketing works and what doesn’t.

Digital Transformation in Asia
This Deep Dive covers how the Asian market is digitally transforming, how it's using innovation and who the digital leaders are.

Generating Leads with Content
Your team will learn from the experts in content marketing - HubSpot - as they share their actionable tips on how to create a successful lead generation campaign.

SEO Essentials
Your team will learn how to get up to speed in SEO, looking at Google's updates and how to make them work for your organisation.

Performance Marketing
This module introduces the idea of performance marketing, which can help your team manage and optimise their marketing activities to drive valuable actions by your target customers.

Digital PR in the West and Asia
Your team will learn how to build trust with stakeholders, protect your brand online during a crisis and how to shape your campaign to a specific country.

Email Marketing
This module covers twelve practical ways to make your team’s marketing campaigns as relevant, openable, engaging and, most importantly, effective as possible.

Website IA and Navigation
Your team will learn what information architecture is, why it's so important and how you can get it right. They'll also learn five tips for choosing the right navigation for your customers.

The Power of Programmatic
Here, global programmatic experts – MediaMath – explain what programmatic is and how your team can run a successful programmatic campaign.

Online Reputation Management
Your team will learn how to identify and minimise threats, when and how to respond, and even about the role SEO can play in managing your reputation online.

Developing Influential Relationships
CEO of Silvester & Finch, Chris Lee, shares his expertise on how to approach online influencers effectively.

Your team will learn about the power of brand storytelling, how they can use storytelling to meet business objectives and why stories matter to both employees and consumers.

Driving Social Advocacy
Your team will learn how to use social advocacy to add value to your brand and measure its effect so you can continuously improve it.

Mobile Marketing
Your team will learn about trends in mobile behaviour, mobile opportunities and how to create a mobile strategy.

Your team will learn how to audit and improve your existing customer journey to provide a world-class omnichannel experience.

Dot Native has six foundation modules in Digital Business, allowing your team to develop a broader knowledge of digital than just marketing.

Digital Business

The Digital Imperative
Technology is transforming the way we do business, changing the expectations of customers and the potential for large organisations to be disrupted overnight. It is crucial to understand the dynamic technology landscape and the implications for your organisation.

Customer Centricity
Learn frameworks and practical tools to help you think through the eyes of your customers and organise around them, not just focus on them.

Channels to Market
Understand changing customer expectations and the need to provide an omni-channel approach to customer service. Your team will explore how digital channels are used to reach, convert and retain customers.

Unlocking Data
Organisations of all sizes have untapped data resources that could be used to make better business decisions and create a competitive advantage. Your team will learn how to source, store, process and analyse data.

Organisational Agility
Your team will learn about agile and lean methodologies and how you can start communicating, collaborating and working towards being a faster-moving and more effective organisation.

Digital Culture
Your team will learn what digital culture actually is, how to adopt a digital mindset, and the steps, big and small, that you can take to start your company’s digital transformation.

Bitesize learning on Dot Native is more than just short video clips; variation and interactivity are key to delivering a successful online learning platform. Dot Native includes:

  • Tutor led videos with animation
  • Animated explainers
  • Industry case studies
  • Drag and drop activities
  • Forum interactions
  • Research & opinion polls
  • Interactive prioritisation tasks
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Reflection tasks

Dot Native is a bitesize learning platform designed to digitally upskill your entire organisation. The platform can be customised to suit the training needs of your business. Our corporate customisation and integration offering includes:  

  • Reporting

Track how your employees are progressing with a customisable dashboard and learner analytics

  • Branded Campus

Include your own branding and courses for a fully integrated learning experience

  • Custom Knowledge Sprints

Align your employee learning with your company's strategy and business goals

  • Bespoke content

Work with us to develop personalised courses  to suit your business' needs

  • Benchmarking

Benchmarks enable you to map how your employees are progressing with their learning through our leaderboard functionalityResearch & opinion polls

  • LMS integration

Improve user experience and streamline reporting with LMS integration

  • Custom onboarding

Create an onboarding experience that aligns to your goals and drives engagement

  • Engagement specialists

Work with a dedicated engagement specialist to maximise employee participation

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