Dot Native has additional deep-dive modules in digital marketing, allowing your team to get a deeper insight into other areas of marketing. 

Deep-Dive Marketing

Introduction to Attribution
In this Deep Dive, the experts in attribution – Rakuten – explain what it is and how it can help your team better track what marketing works and what doesn’t.

Digital Transformation in Asia
This Deep Dive covers how the Asian market is digitally transforming, how it's using innovation and who the digital leaders are.

Generating Leads with Content
Your team will learn from the experts in content marketing - HubSpot - as they share their actionable tips on how to create a successful lead generation campaign.

SEO Essentials
Your team will learn how to get up to speed in SEO, looking at Google's updates and how to make them work for your organisation.

Performance Marketing
This module introduces the idea of performance marketing, which can help your team manage and optimise their marketing activities to drive valuable actions by your target customers.

Digital PR in the West and Asia
Your team will learn how to build trust with stakeholders, protect your brand online during a crisis and how to shape your campaign to a specific country.

Email Marketing
This module covers twelve practical ways to make your team’s marketing campaigns as relevant, openable, engaging and, most importantly, effective as possible.

Website IA and Navigation
Your team will learn what information architecture is, why it's so important and how you can get it right. They'll also learn five tips for choosing the right navigation for your customers.

The Power of Programmatic
Here, global programmatic experts – MediaMath – explain what programmatic is and how your team can run a successful programmatic campaign.

Online Reputation Management
Your team will learn how to identify and minimise threats, when and how to respond, and even about the role SEO can play in managing your reputation online.

Developing Influential Relationships
CEO of Silvester & Finch, Chris Lee, shares his expertise on how to approach online influencers effectively.

Your team will learn about the power of brand storytelling, how they can use storytelling to meet business objectives and why stories matter to both employees and consumers.

Driving Social Advocacy
Your team will learn how to use social advocacy to add value to your brand and measure its effect so you can continuously improve it.

Mobile Marketing
Your team will learn about trends in mobile behaviour, mobile opportunities and how to create a mobile strategy.

Your team will learn how to audit and improve your existing customer journey to provide a world-class omnichannel experience.