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AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting

Developed with Google, Squared Online is the only digital marketing course that also develops leadership skills. The course is built around collaboration, solving real-world business challenges and learning by doing - so your team will immediately start applying in their job what they learn on the course. This is key for businesses looking to transform their digital capability.

60% of the course focuses on increasing digital confidence and competence in digital marketing, while 40% focuses on increasing leadership confidence and skills.

There are five modules in Squared Online taught over five months:

Module 1 - Embracing change
In this module, you'll explore the concept of digital disruption and how this revolution is changing the way that brands and consumers interact, and our approach to marketing.

Module 2 - Digital trends
In this module, you’ll look at the digital trends that have redefined consumer behaviour, specifically the rise of social and mobile.

Module 3 - Digital channels and strategy
In this module, you’ll learn how brands today are creating multi-channel digital strategies to adapt to changes in consumer behaviour.

Module 4 - Data analytics and insights
In this module, you’ll explore the importance of data as a digital marketer and how it can help you optimise your campaigns by generating actionable insights.

Module 5 - Stay ahead of the curve
In this module, you’ll look at the concept of programmable advertising and how it extends beyond just buying advertising space on websites.

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