Squared Online is developed with Google digital marketing expertise to ensure you're learning the most up-to-date thinking and skills. Each and every module of this digital marketing course is structured in accordance with our carefully designed learning principles. This structure - as well as our team of instructional designers who build the course - ensures you get the most out of your Squared Online journey by being able to apply what you learn from day one.

Over the course of five months you will study five modules:

Module 1 - Embracing Change
Understand how to evaluate the changing digital landscape and propose ideas that help marketing functions respond to digital disruption. You’ll be able to: - Explain the impact of digital disruption - Analyse disruptive changes in technology and consumer behaviour in order to transform marketing strategies in your organisation - Suggest how businesses can adopt digital first behaviours to survive in the digital age.

Module 2 - Customer-centricity
Propose how your organisation can engage with targeted segments using customer-centric approaches to stay relevant in business. You’ll be able to: - Apply customer journey frameworks to map customer needs and the moments that matter - Suggest ways to align your brand values across your marketing practices to create a seamless customer experience - Propose social engagement strategies that address the interests of your targeted segments and brand values - Create a content plan to reach your audience with the right messages at the right time.

Module 3 - Digital Channels and Technologies
Learn how to integrate technology into your customer-centric marketing strategies and reach your targeted segments at exactly the right time. You’ll be able to: - Optimise mobile technology to engage with your customers across their journey - Plan an effective search campaign that assists your customers in their decision making process - Develop relevant display and video strategies to engage with your customers across their journeys - Devise a programmatic approach that integrates different channels to optimise your marketing strategies.

Module 4 - Data, Analytics and Single Customer
View Assess data with a single customer mindset to inform strategic decisions that grow your business in the right direction. You’ll be able to: - Explain the fundamentals of data and analytics to enable strategic marketing decisions - Develop a marketing measurement plan to translate your business objectives into goals - Derive customer insights using Google Analytics to inform effective marketing activities - Apply attribution models to optimise your budget allocation across marketing channels - Devise strategies to tackle data fragmentation and create a single customer view.

Module 5 - Creating Change
Be confident recommending transformational strategies that enable your organisation to leverage the latest technology developments in its marketing practices. You’ll be able to: - Evaluate the impact of the technological developments on your marketing strategies to drive future business decisions - Examine how an organisation’s culture affects the adoption of digital first and customer-centric marketing strategies - Recommend ways to enhance digital-first and customer-centric behaviours and marketing strategies that will future-proof your organisation.