Squared Online is developed with Google digital marketing expertise to ensure you're learning the most up-to-date thinking and skills. Each and every module of this digital marketing course is structured in accordance with our carefully designed learning principles. This structure - as well as our team of instructional designers who build the course - ensures you get the most out of your Squared Online journey by being able to apply what you learn from day one.

Over the course of five months you will study five modules:

Module 1 - Embracing change
In this module, you’ll explore digital disruption and what it means for a marketing functions.

Module 2 - Customer-centricity 
In this module, you’ll map the customer journey and explore how it informs brand values, content and social strategies.

Module 3 - Customer-centric technology
In this module, you'll work in a team to use multiple channels and technology to reach customers at the right time across their journeys.

Module 4 - Data, analytics and single customer view
In this module, you’ll use analytics and data to evaluate marketing efforts and generate insights, adopting a single customer view mindset throughout.

Module 5 - Customer change
In this module, your team will evaluate how technology developments will further transform marketing practice and bring together skills and knowledge.