Data for Leaders Bootcamp

Experience a change in mindset towards how you use data. Avado's Data for Leaders Bootcamp is a one-day, interactive session comprised of discussions, activities and learning frameworks that demystify data and helps make it approachable.

From this bootcamp leaders will

Experience sector-specific benefits

Transform customer experience and operational performance in your sector

Grow your business potential

Improve employee, customer and business outcomes with a data-driven approach.

Start where success begins

Improve employee experience and efficiency through analytics and contribute to overall business success.

Lead the data change

Role model through your data-driven decision-making and promote a data culture.

Topics covered include
  • The role you play and the evolving data landscape

  • Using data to solve challenges and the power of visualisation

  • Building a data culture and key steps to success

Why choose AVADO
  • 250,000


  • 3,800+


  • 60


  • 2 million

    hours studied per year

AVADO's Data for Leaders bootcamps are part of our Data Academy
  • Levy-funded apprenticeships

    Grow your specialists in-house using our Data Analyst and Data Scientist apprenticeships and develop a data-driven culture from the top-down.

  • Data Literacy modules

    A series of engaging, online modules helping large audiences understand how the use of data can deliver better business outcomes.

  • Data Fluency modules

    Centred around practising data skills with projects involving datasets, relevant business scenarios and tools.

  • Data Advocates community

    Data Advocates community

    Bringing together an internal network of data advocates sharing thoughts, ideas and content


Start your journey towards building a data culture in your business and speak to a member of the team today.