Learn Digital DNA

We don’t just teach digital. We are digital.
We develop and run the most effective international platforms for teaching professional skills at scale.


We are entrepreneurs and pioneers in the digital learning revolution. Digital is in our DNA, and we want to teach it to you.

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Squared Online

Google is a fantastic partner to work with, and their Squared Online programme for digital marketing leaders is ground-breaking.

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The CIPD is the most respected industry body for HR and Learning professionals. We run the digital campus for their members.

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We innovate, we experiment, we use data, and we obsess about users. We are digital.

Our founders and owners are tech entrepreneurs ( in Ed Tech, Fin Tech, Ad Tech, Software & Mobile) with a network of other entrepreneurs and digital leaders around the world.

In 2011 we set out to pioneer the digital learning revolution, and started by acquiring an online platform. This is now an award-winning online campus where over 20,000 professionals study for formal qualifications from the most respected industry bodies in Accounting, HR and Marketing.

Since 2013, we have been using this platform to power a number of new ventures and partnerships; and specifically have focused on helping big businesses with digital learning.

We love digital technology and the opportunities it creates; and if we can get you innovating and adapting in the same way that we do, then this will be a great result for us.


If you want a high-impact programme for your marketing leaders that will revolutionise the way you go to market, then look no further than Squared Online.

We have an extraordinary partnership with Google in which we exclusively run an intensive online qualification in digital leadership. Thousands of marketers across the globe study together in this ground-breaking and award-winning course.

Squared Online is a fantastic, intensive and immersive course which is studied entirely online in high-touch interactive groups of bright peers.

It gives a strategic overview of digital;

It ‘joins the dots’ – covering the knowledge and tools to be successful in an integrated marketing environment;

And it builds leadership and collaboration skills.

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HR & Learning professionals are taking a lead in both developing talent for a digital age, and in using technology to deliver effective learning at scale

The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) is the most respected industry body for HR and Learning professionals.

We have another extraordinary partnership through which we develop and run all of their digital qualifications on an exclusive basis, internationally.

One series of courses is aimed at HR professionals, and the other is for L&D professionals. With both we are benefiting from working with the most forward-thinking learning professionals from CIPD’s impressive member base.


Together with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) we developed the Athlete Learning Gateway

The Athlete Learning Gateway is a learning platform designed for Olympic athletes and coaches around the world. We worked with some of the most respected universities and sporting leaders to create courses that help drive top performance.

It has been an extraordinary privilege to work with the IOC, and to have the doors opened up to an incredible network of sports stars, and academics who are international leaders in their field.

This initiative shines a light on the potential for education; that anyone should be able to receive the best teaching from the best teachers anywhere in the world. Quite inspiring.