Apprenticeship Levy

The Levy has come when the need to drive a digital-first strategy has never been greater. With the current skills gap costing the UK economy over £63 billion a year, the Levy is designed to allow businesses to supercharge their investment in the skills to drive their organisation forward.

What is the Apprenticeship Levy?
  • £3 million

    only businesses with a payroll of over £3 million pay into the levy

  • 0.5%

    of annual payroll is paid into the levy

  • 5%

    is how much non-levy payers contribute to the cost of an apprenticeship

How you can benefit from the levy
  • Save costs

    Apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to provide industry qualifications for your staff

  • Plug skill gaps

    Plug skill gaps

    It's an opportunity to develop a workforce that meets the needs of your business

  • Invest in staff

    Apprenticeships are excellent for filling entry-level positions but can also up-skill your existing staff

  • Increase productivity

    Each apprentice in England is estimated to deliver an avg. positive net gain of £1670 p/a to their employers (source)

How we help

Arch, one of the leading providers of future-facing professional Apprenticeship programmes, know how to help you deal with the headache that the levy has created and how you can maximise its benefits.

We can help you convert this cost into a professional-grade training programme for your existing employees as well as new staff. In doing so we will ensure that the investment in training delivers a real return for your business and shareholders.

Arch can help you with: account and levy management; recruitment and onboarding; delivery of the training and quality management.

The apprenticeship levy has been a fantastic opportunity for us to grow our own digital talent and future proof ourselves against the well reported, nationwide, digital skills shortage. Our apprentices aren’t just college leavers we are also able to facilitate career changes through apprenticeship schemes helping us to diversify our talent pool and create an always learning culture.
Clare Jay

Future Talent Lead at N Brown

What if I don't pay into the levy?

If you're a business that has an annual payroll of below £3 million, you're not required to pay the levy. However, there's still plenty of benefits to using apprenticeships as a training mechanism:

  • You're only required to pay 5% of the total cost of the apprenticeship, the government covers the rest (e.g a £12,000 programme only costs £600 spread across three instalments)
  • Businesses with 49 employees or less have the entire cost covered by government
  • If you hire a 16-18-year-old (or up to 19 with an EHC plan) you receive a £1000 incentive
  • Apprentices make the most impact in smaller businesses and typically grow quicker!
Transform your workforce today

76% of employers say that productivity has improved since hiring apprentices, with 75% reporting that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service. Experience the benefits of apprenticeships today. (source)