Harness the Power of Data Analytics

Upgrade your team’s skill-set today

Using data analysis and data science to inform business decisions has never been more important. As the amount of data generated has sky-rocketed, our ability to harness its power has grown.

Businesses need to place data at the heart of all their decisions. It’s no longer enough to leave this to an analytics team.

To achieve this, everyone across the organisation needs to be bought into the power of data.

You need a data culture.

What do you struggle with?

  • Data literacy

    The majority workforce is yet to understand how data can drive impact in their role.

  • Effective decision-making

    Leaders often make decisions using gut instinct and don't consider data their responsibility.

  • Analytical skills

    Great data analysts waste time on basic reporting and not finding valuable business insight.

  • One familiar language

    Specialists find it challenging to share their work with the wider business.

But where do you start?

✔ Create agility with your technology that allows people to safely use data, with ease

✔ Build a workforce with the skills and mindset to harness the power of data analytics and data science

✔ Develop a supportive community that shares best practice and drives further engagement

And how do you do that? By arming all levels of your organisation with the skills and software to confidently work with data. Use your Apprenticeship Levy funds to train your data experts and benefit from AVADO's bootcamps and bite-sized content for business users. 

The AVADO Data Academy

Our partnership with Tableau

Since 2018, AVADO & Tableau have been on a mission to transform the global workforce. Combining AVADO's 20 years of learning experience with Tableau's data ingenuity, our Data Academy builds data cultures within organisations. 

Our  Data Analyst apprentices put their theoretical knowledge to practice with their Tableau license provided exclusively through our apprenticeship. 

Build your data culture

Data Academy

Our Data Academy turns the buzzwords 'data culture' into a reality. More than just training, the Academy improves data literacy across all levels of the organisation through engaging online and face-to-face learning experiences. 

  • Tableau software for Apprentices

    All Data Analysts have access to a 12-month Tableau software license and eLearning materials.

  • Data Literacy Modules

    Understand how data analytics can deliver better business outcomes with a series of bite-sized modules.

  • Data Fluency Certificate

    Designed to give leaders and managers the data confidence to make better decisions.

  • Data for Leaders Bootcamp

    Set the tone for change from the top-down to develop and embed a data-driven culture​.


Your data training specialists

With over 20 years of experience in delivering training, AVADO know how to create learning that works.