Become a FastFutures Programme Growth Partner

FastFutures is a 12-week programme to prepare young people, across the UK from all backgrounds, for the increasingly digital workplace. Get involved today.

What is FastFutures?

FastFutures is a fully funded programme, created by a combination of Avado – the country’s leading digital vocational skills provider, Hive – the country’s leading peer to peer learning provider and input from the employer partners.

Our first cohort that graduated in December 2020 was supported by top employers as part of the national effort to turbocharge the country’s Covid-19 economic and productivity recovery. We are now looking for growth partners to support the scaling of the programme throughout 2021 and beyond – helping to create the most diverse and digital-ready pool of talent for the country.

By becoming a FastFutures programme growth partner you will have the chance to fund scholarships that change lives. Supporting young people from all walks of life to make their way in the competitive jobs market. 

Why now?

At the beginning of 2020, in the face of a global pandemic, the country faced the sharpest economic contraction in modern history. We quickly identified that the cohort of 800,000+ young people leaving education would suffer the most, looking to start employment with less opportunity.

At the same time, the country has never been more in need of technology skills. We ran the risk of inflicting a double blow on ourselves: a wasted generation AND a crippling shortage of the digital and technology skills the country needs.

And this is why we created FastFutures. A new digital programme to help turn the second half of 2020 from being a write-off into a breakthrough, by giving young people the very skills that employers will need.

Now into 2021, we are looking to scale the progreamme and support even more young talent into meaningful work.

Who is FastFutures for?

This programme is aimed at ambitious and high-potential young people, aged 18-24, who are currently underrepresented in the working world and in society.

We are working with specialists in inclusivity and diversity to make sure that this programme is accessible to all groups, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds, geography, sexual preference, gender or ethnicity.

We are working with outreach partners and networks to access key underrepresented groups.

We are using assessment partners that have specific psychometric tests which favour cognitive ability over numerical or verbal aptitude, and getting specialist advice from D&I recruitment experts.

FastFutures Delivery Partners

  • Hive Learning
  • Arctic Shores