We're here to support young peoples careers

We believe everyone should have the same opportunity to shape their future, whatever their background.

The fully-funded FastFutures programme is designed to do just that – giving you the skills and mentoring you need to kick-start your career.

Work-ready skills, for everyone

We know that finding a job can be tough – especially if you’re just starting out in your career. 

So, to help give you a head start, we’re offering the FastFutures programme, and its completely free.

Iyou’re aged 18-22 and have 12 hours a week to spare, we want you to apply for a place. It doesn’t matter how well you did at school, or where you’re from –  Anyone is welcome to apply.

The FastFutures programme is like no other. We’ve partnered with some of the UK’s biggest employers to give you real, first-hand experience of the workplace 

In just 12 weeks you’ll learn the practical, business-focused skills that employers actually needYou’ll dive into data, marketing, finance, and discover why teamwork really does make the dream work.

Sounds good, right?

Apply here to develop the skills you’ll need to succeed in your career.

What will I get?

  • Virtually meet some of the most successful companies in the UK
  • Get coaching and mentoring from business experts
  • Play a key role working on a real-life business project
  • Get tips on how to build a CV that stands out from the crowd
  • Build your confidence and be your best self in interviews

Hear our learner stories

The first cohort of 1000 places kicked off back in September this year and we've got some great people that are part-way through the course. Here's just some of the reasons why they decided to apply.

Watch the video

You'll learn what it means to be data-driven

Data is the oil that helps businesses run – in fact, they really can’t make good decisions without it. Dive into the world of data and learn how to use software to create and analyse reports.

You'll get to know about the power of marketing

Every business that needs to reach customers and sell products needs sales and marketing. Learn how to use data to create campaigns that meet your customer's needs and get to know the channels you can use to reach them.

Working in teams will help you to grow

A diverse team is a happy team – and happy teams are successful. Understand the importance of working with people from all walks of life and learn how teams can keep growing and adapting to change.

Understand the fundamentals of finance

Understanding the essentials of finance and managing risk will help you stand out among the crowd. Don’t worry about having any previous accounting knowledge, because we’ll cover all the basics. 

You'll get to work on a real life project

Thanks to new technology, the way teams work together is constantly changing. Learn how to successfully manage teams of people while working on a real-world business project in groups.

You'll also get access to top business professionals

In addition to the course modules, we're there to support you in every way possible, so we're offering support to develop a great CV, support from mentors, virtual site visits and talks from top execs, practice interviews and job opportunities.

So, what will I learn?

The FastFutures programme is 12 weeks long and has five core modules. Each week you’ll give 10-12 hours of your time to learn everything you need to increase your chances of getting a jobYou’ll also receive support from some of the UK’s biggest companies, including:  

  • Mentoring by business experts 
  • Exclusive virtual site visits  
  • Support in building a standout CV; and 
  • Advice on how to demonstrate your skills and be your best self in interviews  

If you successfully complete the 12-week course, you’ll get a certificate that you can use on your CV and LinkedIn page. This certificate highlights all the new skills you’ve learnt.

Course modules 

Getting started

You'll start off with an introduction to the course modules, giving you everything you need to get stuck in and succeed on the programme. 

You'll also get an opportunity to meet your fellow learners, online.

The power of digital and data

  • Make decisions and take action based on data
  • Avoid some common biases when using data
  • Incorporate diversity and inclusion into your data collection, analysis and reporting activities
  • Create basic data visualisations to bring data to life
  • Carry out basic data analysis using a spreadsheet

Marketing made easy

  • Take a ‘customer -first’ approach, using data and models to map customer needs
  • Come up with plans to reach your audience at different stages in their journeys
  • Use a blend of different channels when planning marketing campaigns

Finance fundamentals

  • Interpret basic financial statements to assess an organisation’s financial health
  • Use unit economics to assess the costs of a product or service
  • Apply different investment techniques to decide if a business idea is worthwhile

Working with great teams

  • Apply your emotional and social intelligence to keep good working relationships with colleagues
  • Develop your understanding of what motivates people
  • Develop your leadership style, with strategies for building trust and handling conflict

Adapt and innovate

  • Use a customer-driven mindset to adopt a rapid approach to product design and planning
  • Test your ideas and adapt quickly based on data and feedback
  • Use Agile techniques to help keep a project on-track

How the application process works

FastFutures is a unique skills and experience programme that bridges the gap transition for young people from education to employment.

Diversity & Inclusion is also at the heart of everything we do and the programme is designed to take a completely unbiased approach. To achieve this, as part of the application process, you'll be asked to complete an online assessment which helps us to assess your potential for the programme, and ensures everyone has a fair chance at success.

Career Wise online test 

Once you've hit the apply button, we'll send you a link to an online test called Career Wise. It's an interactive game that gives you tasks to test your natural behaviours instead of the usual numeracy and literacy tests. By using Career Wise, we can make sure everything fair and also ensure there's equal opportunity.

Final stage interview 

If you pass the Career Wise test, we'll then schedule a final interview with you through our recruitment partners, Trinnovo. They're a friendly, award-winning team that will interview you, and also help us make sure we're sticking to our promises to make the programme as inclusive as possible.

Success - you're in

If you pass both stages, you're the right type of candidate to get the most value out of our limited places on the course. Our next cohort starts in January and we'll keep in touch in the run-up to the start date so you've got everything you need.

Become a FastFutures growth partner

FastFutures is a unique programme designed to provide young people from all backgrounds with the skills employers value now and in the future, futureproofing careers and limiting a potentially damaging skills gap for this generation entering employment.

Find out more about becoming an employer growth partner here. 

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