The Data FastTrack programme

The Data FastTrack programme is like no other. We’ve partnered with some of the UK’s biggest and most innovative employers to give you amazing job opportunities that include intensive online learning and expert on the job training to help you become an expert in big data. 

Find out more about the course modules below.

What will I learn?

Data FastTrack is a 12-week bootcamp with ongoing learning labs throughout your first year of employment to give you intensive training to become a Data Specialist.

You’ll be trained by Data Experts using the latest data tools like Tableau, Power BI and Python.

At the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll take part in an assessment to demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge learnt during the Bootcamp.

After you have completed the bootcamp, we will provide you with continuous development for the remainder of the first year of your career.

Data FastTrack Modules

Over 12 weeks you’ll go through intensive training in Data covering:

  1. Data analysis in a business context
  2. Data visualisation for insight
  3. Database design and reporting
  4. Forecasting future success (R)
  5. Forecasting futures success (Python)

After you’ve completed these 5 modules across your first 3 months of training, you’ll take part in an assessment to demonstrate your learning.


Professional Experience and Training

During the remainder for your first year in employment, you’ll also take part in additional learning through Avado online Labs.

Lab 1  – Data reporting and visualisation

Play with and present data through the power of storytelling.

Lab 2  – Advanced training

Maximise the power of the tools available to analyse, report and create innovation.

Lab 3  – Group challenge

Collaborate with your Data FastTrack peers to bring together everything you have learned into a power pitch.

How the application process works

To apply for the Data FastTrack programme, you’ll need to take part in an online assessment through our partners at Harver. It’ll take around 40 minutes for you to complete.

You’ll also need to submit a CV and a 60-second video to explain why you’d like to apply for the programme.

If you are successful, you will be selected to take part in an interview with the Data FastTrack recruitment team.

The training programme starts on the 17th January 2022.

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