This programme teaches you all the business basics in data, marketing and finance. Not only will you develop new expertise, you'll develop your personal skills and deliver it all in the best way through CV, interview and presentation practice.

What will the programme look like?

The FastFutures programme is like no other. We've partnered with some of the UK's biggest and most innovative employers to give you the experience of the workplace through:

Mock interviews
Virtual employer meets
Team projects

In just 6 weeks you’ll learn the practical skills that employers really need. You’ll dive into data, marketing, finance, innovation and teamwork, plus learn about the importance of diversity in teams.

You'll graduate with a certificate to use on your CV and LinkedIn – signed by the CBI and Avado – which highlights all the new skills you’ve learnt.

On top of the certificate and all the skills you’ll learn, you’ll also become part of the FastFutures alumni community group and get exclusive access to our jobs board.

Let's take a look at the course modules:

You’ll start off with an introduction to the course modules, giving you everything you need to get stuck in and succeed on the programme. This is also your first moment to meet your fellow FastFutures community through our online platform!

  • Make data-based decisions 
  • Incorporate diversity and inclusion into your analysis & report
  • Learn how to tell a data story and bring your spreadsheet to life
  • Make spreadsheets your friend- the type you have deep meaningful chats with
  • ‘The customer’s always right’- what that means & how it works
  • Discover how to capture your customer in a meaningful way
  • Where are your customers? Finding the right marketing channel
  • Look at an Organisation’s financial health - like reading bank statements but actually understanding them
  • Use unit economics to assess the costs of a product or service 
  • Apply different investment techniques to decide if a business idea is worthwhile
  • Develop  your emotional and social intelligence to keep good working relationships with colleagues
  • High-five- learn how to motivate your colleagues
  • ‘There’s no I in TEAM’- Develop your leadership style, with strategies for building trust and handling conflict
  • Use a customer-driven mindset to adopt a rapid approach to product design and planning
  • Test your ideas and adapt quickly based on data and feedback (FYI some ideas are bad ideas)
  • Use Agile techniques to help keep a project on-track