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What are Academies?

Avado believes empowering learners with the skills and the confidence to bring about real change— which is why it's important to us that you’re getting world-class expertise in your learning.

Avado's Academies brings together all the learning solutions we offer in a subject area. These learning solutions have been built with industry leaders including Google, Tableau and CIPD so as to provide learning experiences that create a lasting impact. The end goal? Empowering you, the learner.

These are our learning academies

  • People

    Get the latest HR & L&D thinking with content written with CIPD experts.

  • Marketing

    Get up to speed with what’s new in marketing with learning developed with partners like Google & the IPA.

  • Data

    Place data at the heart of your decisions with learning for everyone in your organisation.

  • Agility Academy

    To create real change in your organisation, you need to change people’s skills, confidence and mindset. That's where we come in.

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