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You can be confident you’re getting the best training possible in our People Academy.

CIPD Enterprises chose AVADO to be their exclusive partner for online qualifications. That means the courses in our People Academy are actually built together with CIPD experts. So you’re getting all the latest ideas straight from the source.

What’s the difference between a course and an apprenticeship?

When you study a CIPD course with us you’ll work through different modules, attend live classes, and submit assessments, all entirely online. You can do this whether you’re a student, employed full or half-time, or not employed at all.

An apprenticeship combines learning with working. Within your role as an apprentice, 80% of your time will be spent on the day-to-day responsibilities of your job. The other 20% is used for “off-thejob” training.

In all our People Academy apprenticeships, this includes a CIPD course. But employer training, mentoring, keeping a reflective journal, and attending industry events all also count towards this 20%.

As an apprentice, you’ll be supported not only by your online tutor, but also face-to-face visits from your Learning and Development Coach.

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