Data Academy

We have helped over 1000 people harness the power of data. Join the Data Academy and see data differently.

Creating a data culture

A data culture means leaders who ask better questions and analysts who find and share powerful business insights.  

To get them there, everyone needs to understand why data matters and how it affects their day-to-day thinking. 

Our Data Academy Explained

The learning experiences in our Data Academy have been designed with TableauCombining our expertise in learning design and delivery with subject matter expertise from the world-leading visual analytics company.  

Together we are on a mission to improve data confidence and data literacy. 

Benefits of a Data-Driven Business 

Data-driven businesses are ahead of the curve according to these principles: 

  • Work smarter with business models that are developed from data findings. 
  • Understanding the data language as a team. 
  • Investments are made with proof. Data provides evidence to back-up your business strategy and to execute it with confidence.  
  • Learning and experimenting is continuous. Access to data creates space for discovery in finding better business practices. 

Choose how and where you want to grow your data culture

People like to learn in different ways, that’s why the Data Academy includes different learning experiences – apprenticeships, modules and bootcamps.


Our Data for Leaders Bootcamp is an immersive, in-person session.

In one day your leadership team will demystify data terms, explore opportunities and challenges, and provide practical, applicable advice to assist with their own decision making.

Data Literacy Modules

A series of online modules that will build organisation-wide awareness and excitement for data and the potential it holds.

Designed to get everyone in your company thinking about data, the modules cover all the key areas of the data landscape in a bite-sized, easy-to-digest way.

Capability Audit

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is giving their people the right digital skills to do their jobs.

Actually identifying this skills gap can be daunting, but our Capability Audit is a tried and tested process which delivers valuable business insights and a clear action plan to help digital transformation.