Develop the mindset and confidence of your leaders to support the business' overall digital transformation.

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Digital Leadership Bootcamp

Digital is evolving at a fast pace, resulting in rising consumer expectations. In order to survive and thrive, businesses must adapt, or risk facing obsolescence.

Avado will help to inspire a mindset shift in your organisation, turning it into a more agile one. This is done by encouraging innovative thinking, exposing your organisation's leaders to new ways of working, and broadening their digital knowledge.

What is the Digital Leadership Bootcamp

There’s no better way to start your digital journey than with your leadership team.

This immersive in-person bootcamp is specially developed for your team to inspire a digital mindset and feel confident in adopting and working in a digital savvy organisation 

When we’re done, you will have: 

  • Leaders who are confident with new digital terminology 
  • Leaders who adopt a digital customer-centric mindset 
  • Leaders who understand the steps to becoming a digital organisation 
  • Leaders who understand the benefits of a digital organisation 

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Who is a Digital Leadership Bootcamp for?

The Bootcamp is meant for the senior leadership team (across all business functions) of your organisation.

The topics we cover are mainly suited for senior management and executives, but they’ll also be relevant for current and future managers and leaders, change agents and programme managers.

What does a Digital Leadership Bootcamp cover?

Duration: Two Days 

Intensity: 8 hours per day, breaks included 

Preparation: Pre-activities to understand the benchmark for learning and a brief understanding of basic terms for the course.  

Day 1: 

  1. Digital Landscape 
  2. Customer Centricity 
  3. Agility and Innovation 

Day 2: 

  1. Digital Mindset and Culture Insights  
  2. Culture for Digital
  3. Strategy Implications 
  4. Reflection and Personal Pledges 

What can be personalised, localised and customised?

We work with organisations to customise many features of the Digital Leadership Bootcamp, such as:

  • Branding
  • Introduction from senior stakeholder: defining relevance and purpose
  • Sector-specific case studies
  • Framing and key takeaways

What can be localised to specific regions?

We can work with you to localise the Bootcamp content based on your region. Here are some examples of how we can work with you:

  • Introduction from regional senior stakeholder: contextualisation
  • Some region-specific case studies
  • Regional implications explored in discussions and reflection points