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Considering beginning a career in L&D and don’t know where to start? Looking for a Learning and Development course for beginners that you can study from the comfort of your own home? Or, do you need find an online L&D course so you can accelerate your career whilst you work? Whatever your situation, we provide a range of L&D courses online that will either kickstart or advance your journey to a dream role in Learning and Development.

The CIPD is the leading professional accrediting body for HR and Learning and offers you a pathway to getting internationally recognised qualifications in Learning & Development.

CIPD Enterprises has exclusively partnered with AVADO to create inspiring learning experiences that deliver lasting impact and are all about your success.

By gaining your CIPD qualification with us, you will have access to the latest thinking from the experts at the CIPD, delivered entirely online through our award-winning Virtual Learning Campus.

CIPD qualifications are all about long-term career impact: 73% of our recent HR graduates have already progressed their careers and on average boosted their confidence by 30% through getting qualified.

Experience award-winning learning that works

With over 25 years’ experience, 25,000 students and over 1 million hours of learning design under our belts, we’ve developed a unique approach to online learning.

Our great tutors, inspiring content and unparalleled support are delivered through our award-winning online campus and will set you up for every success in your career.

That’s why we are CIPD Enterprise’s only official online learning partner. And together we won Best Training Partnership at the Training Journal Awards 2016 and Best Online Distance Learning Programme – Silver at the Learning Technologies Awards 2016.

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What is Learning and Development?

As the name suggests, learning and development (or L&D) is centred around helping employees acquire new skills for their role. It involves providing useful training, designing learning programmes, increasing motivation and keeping staff up-to-date with current knowledge and skills specific to their roles.

Learning and development professionals are highly prized as they provide a business with the opportunity to get the most out of their staff, and therefore increase business performance.

A major part of any human resources strategy, L&D centres around delivering a service that will help a business meet its needs. Employees who receive the right training are not only more effective in their role but are also more confident and able to work without oversight. This frees up management to focus on their own roles. That’s why completing a CIPD learning and development course online can be so beneficial to your company: your training will not only improve yourself, but those around you too.

Some of the tasks you might be expected to complete as an Learning and Development professional include strategy planning, measuring performance, identifying business learning needs, evaluating interventions and providing an internal consultancy service.

Why study a learning and development course online?

There are many benefits to completing Learning and Development training, from increased earning potential and job satisfaction to achieving a secure position in a people-centric role. What’s more, our Learning and Development courses are completed online and can therefore be studied alongside current employment. If you’re looking for a career change, these courses can be studied from home at your own pace, fitting around your existing commitments.

Increased earning potential

Completing Learning and Development training can boost your career from a low-level or executive position to a senior role. For example, upon completion of the Level 5 Diploma in L&D, you will be eligible to apply for roles such as L&D manager and Head of L&D. These roles often have salaries of above £45,000 per year and as you’ll be at the heart of the business, there’s always room to grow.

A people-centric career

If working alongside others is a key factor for your job satisfaction, a learning and development course is the perfect start point for your dream role. As the profession centres around developing those you work with, you’ll consistently be at the heart of the business, whether that’s running training, interviewing potential employees or implementing new methods of working.

Job satisfaction

A learning and development course will give you the skills to recognise how a business can improve their training methods. This means you could have an important seat at the table at many senior meetings, providing useful insight to directors. You’ll also likely be required to implement these suggestions. Being able to see the results of your own ideas and work is incredibly rewarding and will give you a real sense of purpose in your career.

What careers do studying learning and development courses online lead to?

By completing one of our Level 5 Learning & Development courses, you’ll be eligible for a number of roles including:

  • Head of L&D
  • Talent & Development Partner
  • L&D Specialist
  • Training Manager
  • Training Co-ordinator
  • Leadership Development Manager
  • L&D Officer
  • L&D Assistant
  • Training Consultant

The responsibilities and therefore salary you can expect will depend on whether you complete an Award, Certificate or Diploma and how much experience you have had beforehand. However, all Level 5 learning and development training is equivalent to undergraduate study, meaning you get advanced learning without the need for university costs.

To keep our Level 5 learning and development training at a high standard, we require our students to have at least a Level 3 qualification or relevant work experience.

What does a Learning and Development course involve?

Our learning and development courses involve a wide range of relevant and forward-thinking modules including professional and management pathway units.

For the award you will choose one of three modules, allowing you to cater your learning to your specific needs. This will take around eight weeks to complete.

The Certificate takes around 10 months and includes five units, each requiring an online assessment for completion.

Finally, the Diploma typically takes 14 months. This includes the five mandatory units from the Certificate and and two optional units from either the Management or Professional pathways.

Some of the modules you should expect include:

  • Developing professional practice in L&D
  • Understanding the context of L&D
  • Using information, metrics and developing business cases for L&D
  • Evaluating L&D in a knowledge economy
  • Designing and Developing Digital and Blended Learning Solutions
  • Enhancing Participant Engagement in the Learning Process
  • Using Information Metrics and Developing Business Cases for Learning and Development
  • Managing the L&D Business Function

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