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Digital Marketing Acceleration Workshop

Digital Marketing has changed. Have you?

To build an effective and impactful integrated digital marketing plan, you need to understand the landscape. This workshop will take your team through different digital channels, formats, solutions and approaches, enabling leading you to the best way to unlock their potential for your business.

Many Marketers understand the need to integrate traditional and digital channels in order to deliver greater value. However, this task is easier said than done.

Digital Marketing is a rapidly evolving field and staying on the pulse of the developments in Marketing Technology is something that requires consistent effort on the part of the Marketer.

This workshop is designed to empower traditionally-inclined Marketers with the ability to evaluate the digital landscape using customer-centric approaches to develop tactics that will reach targeted segments at the right place and time.

The details 

Duration: 2 Days 

Intensity: 8 hours per day, breaks included 

Day 1

  • Introduction and the ‘4H’ Content Model  
  • Mobile, SEO and User Experience  
  • Paid Search, Video Ads and Retargeting  
  • Display Ads, Social Ads and Programmatic  

Day 2  

  • Social Media Engagement  
  • Working with Influencers  
  • Building a Content Marketing Hub  
  • Iteration and Integration  
  • Building a Quarterly Digital Marketing Plan 

 You’ll come away with useful theory and frameworks to apply to your plans, as well as practical tools and ideas to get going with tomorrow.  

After the session, you’ll be able to: 

  • Define today’s marketing landscape, customer-centricity and its benefits in a marketing plan. 
  • Apply the ‘4H’ model as a framework for a digital marketing plan.  
  • Structure the elements of on-page SEO and landing pages for optimisation
  • Increase customer experience using best practices of mobile UX/UI
  • Improve the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns 
  • Explain the advantages and potential pitfalls of programmatic marketing.
  • Identify relevant influencers and why they add value 
  • Understand the value of analytics, iteration and optimisation
  • Show the purpose of a content marketing hub to key stakeholders
  • Collaborate with other teams to deliver an effective marketing strategy

Who is it for? 

  • Traditional marketers and marketing departments
  • Departments outsourcing marketing activities and wanting to bring more in-house
  • Specialist channel marketers