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Digital Marketing Accelerator Virtual Workshop

Digital marketing has changed over the past few years. Marketing technology has evolved, and marketers (and non-marketers) need to establish a framework to apply digital marketing strategies with traditional marketing activities.

The Digital Marketing Accelerator Virtual Workshop is available as an interactive virtual learning experience - talk to the team to find out more.


  • Duration - 2 live virtual workshops
  • Intensity - 3.5 hours for each workshop

Key Topics 

  • Customer-first Marketing
  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • Leveraging Search and Paid Media Channels
  • Social Engagement and Working with Influencers
  • KPIs and the Campaign Canvas Debrief

During the workshop series, learners will:

  • Define today’s marketing landscape, customer-centricity and its benefits in a marketing plan. 
  • Be exposed to an overview of digital marketing and the key considerations associated with it
  • Be able to align strategic focuses by making targeted references to social, data and e-commerce
  • Learn best practices and consider their application, learning lessons from other companies through case studies

Who is it for? 

  • Traditional marketers and marketing departments
  • Departments outsourcing marketing activities and wanting to bring more in-house
  • Specialist channel marketers