To develop a mindset around the use of data in a fast-moving environment, and equipping senior leaders with the tools needed to drive this culture change in their organisations

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Leading with Data – Virtual Workshop

In a world where the effective use of data is the new normal, leaders need to serve as organisational enablers, helping their teams to cut through the complexities of data and its application.

Leaders who nurture a data-driven culture will be able to execute improvements in operational processes, make better decisions and propel the business forward towards achieving success.

The Digital Marketing Learning Journey is available as interactive virtual learning experience - talk to the team to find out more.

The details 

Duration: 4 live virtual workshops

Intensity: 90 minutes for each workshop

Key Topics 

  • Context for Data
  • Unlock your Mindset
  • Asking Better Questions?
  • Identifying Risks and Rewards
  • Empowering Others
  • S.H.I.F.T... To a Data-First Culture
  • Storytelling & Creating Impact

After the session, you'll be able to

  • Explain how advanced analytics and data science are transforming customer experience and operational performance in your sector and operational performance in your sector
  • Illustrate ways analytics can improve the employee experience, operational efficiency and contribute to overall business success
  • Solve business problems and identify ways to improve
    employee, customer and business outcomes, with a data-driven approach
  • Promote a data-first team culture and mindset by making
    data-driven decisions and role-modelling a data-curious mindset

Who is it for? 

  • C-suites, senior executives and leadership team
  • Heads of BUs, heads of functions, people leaders and managers
  • Digital champions and change agents (manager level and above)