Squared Online Funding Options – Hong Kong

What is RTTP funding and how does it work?

The Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP) was launched in August 2018 with the purpose of nurturing technological talent in Hong Kong. This scheme subsidises local companies aiming to train their staff in advanced technologies, especially those related to “Industry 4.0”, on a 2:1 matching basis.

This means that for Squared Online, successful applicants will enjoy a subsidy equivalent to 2/3 of the course fee when they apply through their HK-based company.

How can I apply for RTTP funding?

Companies interested in applying for RTTP Funding for their employees should complete the application form and submit it to the Secretariat at least two weeks before the commencement of the course.

The grant is payable upon satisfactory completion of the course. Companies should submit the ‘claim form’ and relevant documents to the Secretariat within two months after course completion to receive the reimbursed amount.

The below 4 Avado training courses are registered under the RTTP subsidy scheme:

  • Squared Online, developed by Google and powered by Avado
  • Digital Leadership Workshop (virtual workshop)
  • Leading with Data (virtual workshop)
  • Digital Marketing Masterclass (virtual workshop)

For more information about the course, please get in touch with us at marketing.apac@avadolearning.com

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