By gaining your CIPD qualification with us, you will have exclusive access to the latest thinking from the experts at the CIPD, delivered entirely online through our award-winning online campus.

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CIPD Human Resource Courses

CIPD Enterprises have exclusively partnered with Avado to create inspiring content and learning that delivers a lasting impact. The content you will study with us is not available anywhere else and has come directly from the experts at CIPD.

  • Ideal for anyone wanting to start or progress a career in HR 
  • Leads to roles like Human Resources Manager 

Open up new opportunities with an online HR course 

Who are the CIPD? 

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a professional body for HR and people development, with a worldwide community of around 140,000 members. CIPD qualifications are internationally respected by employers, and are designed by industry leading experts to include all the latest thinking and ideas. 


Whether you’re just getting started in Human Resources or are looking to take the next step in your career, a CIPD qualification is the perfect way to gain the skills you need. Wherever you’re at right now, we’ve got a course that will fit your level and your schedule.


When you study a CIPD course with us you get tons of content from experts at the CIPD that you won’t find anywhere else. That’s because CIPD Enterprises chose us as their exclusive partner for online qualifications. 

CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate

CIPD Level 3 Foundation Diploma

CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Certificate

CIPD Level 5 Intermediate Diploma

Which online HR courses can you study? 

You want a course that’s the right fit for you. That’s why you can choose to study either Level 3 or Level 5 qualifications as either a certificate or a diploma.  

For beginners 

Level 3 HR courses 

A Level 3 Certificate or Diploma is the perfect foot in the door for an HR career. You’ll learn the essential basic skills you’ll to be eligible for an entry-level position like an HR Assistant or Administrator. 

Topics include: 

  • Developing yourself as an effective HR practitioner 
  • Resourcing talent 
  • Delivering learning and development activities 
  • Supporting change within organisations 

For experienced learners 

Level 5 HR courses

If you’ve finished Level 3 or have more experience working in HR, Level 5 is for you. Study more advanced subjects perfect for roles with more responsibilitylike HR Analyst or Advisor. 

Topics include: 

  • Resourcing and talent planning 
  • Business issues and the context of HR 
  • Managing and coordinating the Human Resources function 
  • Developing leadership and management skills 
  • Employee engagement 

What’s the difference between a certificate and a diploma? 

The level of your course shows how complex it is: the higher the level, the more advanced the topics you learn about will be. 

The certificate and diploma for a level are the same difficulty. The only difference is that the diploma is longer and has a few extra units that you study. This means you get a broader understanding of the world of HR. 

What is HR? 

The “human resources (HR) department manages the workforce of an organisation. Their responsibilities vary depending on the company, but often include: 

  • Keeping employee records 
  • Administering employee benefits 
  • Recruitment 
  • Addressing employee complaints and disputes 

Essentially, their job is to make sure the company and everyone in it are working at their best. 

Why study HR online? 

Studying online lets you fit studying around your schedule without having to commit to regular visits to a classroomWhether you’re working full-time or have family commitments, you won’t need to worry about finding time to learn. 

Our award-winning campus breaks down your course into manageable weekly plans. Each activity has a time estimate, so you know how much work you’ll be able to fit in to each study session. 

Want to learn on the go? No problem. Our campus is designed to work on mobile and tablet, as well as desktop. So wherever you are, you’re always in the right place to study.