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Delivering Thoughtful Personalisation through Data-Driven Marketing

Marketers can deliver truly relevant and meaningful campaigns that drive tangible ROI and cost savings. Packed with useful insights, practical frameworks, and inspiring examples to help your organisation deliver personalisation at scale both strategically and practically, this webinar includes the following key themes:

  • The Messy Middle
  • Data Driven Maturity
  • Personlisation and Data-Driven Levers
  • Mindset Shift

Building a Truly Customer Obsessed Culture

In this interactive webinar, we focused on how leaders can embed truly customer-first practices, mindsets, and methods of working in ways that drive real business benefit. Packed with useful insights, practical frameworks, and inspiring examples to help your organisation scale both strategy and practice, this webinar will include the following key themes:

  • Customer-centric vs Customer-obsessed
  • Key principles of customer-first working
  • The Power of Data
  • Customer-First Culture

How to to survive the death of cookie

The advertising world is in a constant, rapid state of evolution driven by technology adopted by consumers and advertisers, and the marketing tech companies that develop new ways to market to consumers. Add in a global pandemic and watershed digital privacy changes with the ban of cookies, and the already fast-paced evolution of digital advertising has been shaken up dramatically.

This webinar, we explored marketing strategies and frameworks that lay the foundation for demystifying a complex marketing landscape.

APAC Retail Rebound - How to be a CPG game changer

In this one-hour interactive webinar, ecommerce strategist Lynsey Sweales unpacks the insights on how you can:

  • Enhance your consumers’ experience in view of changing shopping habits
  • Deliver an omnichannel experience for your consumers
  • Assess your ecommerce maturity and strategise ways to win in APAC
  • Convert consumer and market insights into actionable takeaways for your CPG brand today

Bridging the skills gap from top-down

Expert speaker Colin Smith identifies some of the most commonly seen skills gaps in organisations today, the talent types we should be looking for and highlights 4 critical areas that HR leaders should pay attention to - Digital Leadership, Marketing, Data, Innovation.

Algorithms and the Future of Digital Marketing

Many of us would probably agree now that it's incredibly important to stay on top of the latest Marketing Technology (MarTech) trends. With that in mind, there's probably no better time to take stock of what's going well, what's terribly broken and do a little forecasting of what's going to happen in the future!

How to enable Agile Marketing

Agile methodologies, when applied to marketing, can help to drive growth by focusing team efforts on that which delivers higher overall value to the end-customer. Expert speaker Nicholas Villani explains the benefits of using Agile and how you can go about enabling Agile Marketing to take root in your organisation.

Achieving Multi-Moment Marketing

On this panel discussion led by our very own CEO, Mark Creighton, we explored how you can tap into your customer journey to optimise it and ensure that you're reaching your customer with the right message at the right time.

Digital Culture: The Whats and Whys

Marketer and Digital transformation leader Miguel Bernas takes a deep dive into how a digital culture isn’t just about being able to adapt to new technologies.

What's Next For Businesses?

Raymond de Villiers takes a look at some of the key areas of an organisation's digital transformation roadmap that needs to be discarded, redesigned or considered from scratch as countries around the world slowly begin to open up again.

Brand Authenticity In Times Of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies and brands to reevaluate both their business and marketing strategies. These times also offer great opportunities for brands who are brave enough to keep up marketing & communications activities. But in doing so, a brand can just as easily appear insensitive and self-serving.

We explored the considerations and tactics that brand owners should employ during this pandemic.

Leading the Way to Greater Agility in Business

This webinar features useful insights into how agile principles can be scaled across organisations, how leaders can make smart decisions around where and how to apply agile ways of working, and how leaders can establish an agile culture that can catalyse improved collaboration, responsiveness and adaptability.