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What's Next For Businesses?

Raymond de Villiers takes a look at some of the key areas of an organisation's digital transformation roadmap that needs to be discarded, redesigned or considered from scratch as countries around the world slowly begin to open up again.

For those who didn’t have a comprehensive digital transformation strategy, this webinar will provide you with a framework for developing one.

For organisations and leaders who did have a well-developed map of the digital road ahead, this webinar will give you insight into areas where it needs to be reviewed and thought through again.

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Brand Authenticity In Times Of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies and brands to reevaluate both their business and marketing strategies. These times also offer great opportunities for brands who are brave enough to keep up marketing & communications activities. But in doing so, a brand can just as easily appear insensitive and self-serving.

Join us as we explore the considerations and tactics that brand owners should employ during this pandemic.

  • Considerations for brand communications
  • Appropriate content and tone of voice
  • The role senior leadership plays

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