12 secrets of building a world class marketing team

A short summary of the 3 secrets shared by each of our four panel members in the Marketing Leaders webinar we held on Wednesday the 22nd of September. Read the summary below, or watch the on-demand video of the webinar.

I was joined by Phil Hullah (CEO Floream), James Luscombe (Marketing Technology Director, Pan Macmillan) and Louis Warner (CEO Contentive) who each shared their 3 secrets.

We’ve shared the full video of the webinar, but here are the main themes that were discussed:

Phil Hullah – CEO at Floream

1) Hire for attitude and potential

Phil suggested looking for the right mindset and hiring “raw material” rather than being seduced by big brand names and technical skills.

2) Build breadth in everybody

Ensure your team are focussed on the end-to-end customer journey and structure your KPIs and incentives around ensuring joined-up thinking.

3) Backfill the foundations

It’s vital to focus on getting the basics right. This provides solid foundations for the team and gives them a safe environment to fix the bigger issues.

Phil also gave us a bonus 4th secret!

4) Learn differently

Create the space for learning, make it more social, and empower people to continually learn.

Watch Phil discuss his marketing secrets in the full, on-demand video of the webinar >

James Luscombe – Marketing Technology Director at Pan Macmillan

1) Don’t use digital unless you have to

Communication is one of the most fundamental skills, particularly for marketers, so it’s vital to ensure people come together in person to solve problems.

2) Be focussed on overall ROI

Make sure you choose the right tool and measure it against your objectives and KPIs. Choosing the wrong tool can be very costly.

3) Have a dashboard, review daily

With so much data on so many platforms it’s important to be able to bring your key metrics together in a single view that you can review regularly and act upon immediately.

Watch James discuss his marketing secrets in the full, on-demand video of the webinar >

Louis Warner – CEO at Contentive

1) One size does not fit all

Louis shared a number of examples from his own experience, and from his clients, where the solution to the problem depends upon the digital maturity and size of the business

2) Hire from top down

Reviewing an organogram that he had recently provided to a client, Louis was able to talk us through his view on how to build a team, covering a number of topics including agency/ contractors, complimentary functions and the role of tecnology.

3) Don’t believe the hype

It’s critical to see beneath the very polished veneer that modern marketers (in particular) have to their public image on Linkedin and on their CVs, to find out exactly what they know. Louis elaborated on some of the ways he digs deeper.

Watch Louis discuss his marketing secrets in the full, on-demand video of the webinar >


Lastly, I shared three thoughts of my own.

Tim Flagg – Founding director at the ADBL

1) Set targets and be accountable to the whole business

Engage the whole company by setting targets publicly and then regularly reporting back. Explain that the nature of new ‘digital’ channels means that we’ll be testing and iterating, and that means we will make some mistakes that we’re going to learn from. But, we will learn and that’s how we will become world class.

2) Empower your team to communicate digital with passion

Spend time educating your team, and the whole business on digital marketing. People are naturally interested in digital marketing, so involve them and get their input. Get all members of your team (particularly specialists) to share what they do.

3) Fill your bus with people who know how to drive

Hire people who know more than you do. Allow them to be the experts in their fields. Focus on being the leader.

Watch Tim discuss his marketing secrets in the full, on-demand video of the webinar >

That’s a quick summary of the 13 ‘secrets’ that were shared in our webinar this week. You can watch the full video of the webinar and register to receive notifications of future webinars and events.

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Stephanie Khan

Posted September 25, 2015