5 tips for a winning CV

Here are our top 5 tips to ensure your CV gets you noticed:

Tailor your CV:

It is essential that you target your CV to your reader. Put yourself in their shoes, what do they need to see to make them want to hire you? Create a unique CV for every job you apply for ensuring you tailor it to that role with the specific skills it requires. A generic CV won’t connect with the reader and your application won’t be taken any further.

Presentation is key:

Although it may seem like one of the less important aspects of a CV, it is crucial that your CV is clearly presented, well laid-out and cleverly structured. Avoid dense areas of text and keep a bullet point style throughout as employers are more likely to read through CV’s when they can scan quickly for key points.

Keep it short but sweet:

A successful CV should be clear, concise and engaging without any waffle! Keep it under two pages as employers have a large amount of CV’s to get through and spend an average of 8 seconds (yes only 8!) skimming through one. Hold the juicy details of your career back for the interview.

Make no mistakes:

Spelling and grammar errors on CV’s are definitely not the place to make them. This is your first impression your employer gets of you and if your CV is riddled with errors it looks as though you haven’t put the effort in. Get a friend who is top-notch at English to check it over and your error-free CV will demonstrate your professionalism.

Sell yourself:

A CV is your time to shine, use a confident tone and positive language. Concentrate on your achievements try listing things you have done – such as products, launched, sales increase, awards won – not rewriting your job description. Rather than just stating what your duties were in a previous role, describe what the positive outcome was that you bought to this role eg ‘I was responsible for Social Media execution and increased Facebook followers from 12,500 to 18,000’. Figures are always great.

Tara Murray

Posted April 26, 2016