7 Unique Ways Online Learning is Effective

If you are considering studying for a professional qualification, there are a range of options available for both blended learning and online learning. If you can’t attend face-to-face workshops, a fully online training course is a great option but how do you recognise a high-quality online experience?

Here are 7 top things that make a good online course:

  1. Was it designed for online?

Don’t compromise on your learning experience! You may find online learning courses are available that have not been designed specifically for online learning. A blended programme with the face-to-face workshops removed is not going to give you an interactive experience, likewise a series of PDF documents pasted online won’t keep you engaged.

Rather than rewriting old courses, all our online education courses have been built from scratch for an engaging online experience. That’s why our learning works, reflected in pass rates over 95% for our professional qualification courses.

  1. Was it created by learning experts?

When you decide to invest your time and budget in getting a qualification, you need to have confidence that your provider will live up to their promises. AVADO have over 25 years’ experience delivering online learning and have won numerous awards for our learning design and the quality of the student experience.  Our tutors are also experts in delivering online courses and finding innovative ways to bring the subject matter to life through interactive live sessions, videos, group activities and more.

  1. Will you be kept engaged and motivated throughout?

Signing up to online study is just the start, you need to keep your end goal of getting qualified in mind. Choosing a low-cost provider might be a false economy if they don’t keep you on track and you fall behind with your studies. Our online programmes give you a full range of support. You will be welcomed by your community team from the moment you log in. You will also find it easy to stay on schedule with in-built progress tracking and a structured programme which shows you what you need to achieve week by week. Your dedicated personal tutor will monitor your progress and contact you if you are you falling behind to help you get back up to speed. We make sure no one is left behind.

  1. Will you complete the programme with a group?

As much as self-paced study might sound attractive, life can take over! Without deadlines and an end date in mind, many of us would find it hard to prioritise studying and end up taking the maximum allowed time to complete. With our online training courses, you will start and finish as part of a group, working together towards a realistic completion date. The unit structure, whilst allowing flexibility, will help you make the most of your available time and make getting qualified more achievable. Studying with a group also gives the opportunity to grow your professional network and to learn collaboratively by taking part in group activities, sharing knowledge and keeping each other motivated. Most of us learn better in a social context and great online learning gives you the community support you need to help you succeed.

  1. Is it mobile friendly and brain friendly?

We all expect to be able to shop, browse and email on our mobiles and have a great experience – the same should go for online learning. Our online campus is fully mobile responsive, and the programme has been designed so you can efficiently complete activities on your phone or tablet. All activities are bite-sized with a guide to how long they will take, so you can make the most of your available time from wherever you are e.g. fitting in fifteen minutes on a train journey or between meetings. The bite-sized content is easier to absorb, and you have the flexibility to study when you feel ready to learn, so the learning you do is more effective, and you are more likely to remember it.

  1. What happens if you need help?

Everyone needs help sometimes and when you have a question that needs answering, you don’t want to have to wait around for a call back from a tutor. That’s why we give you a personal tutor who you can contact by phone or email, plus our community team who are online to assist you, so you can get the answers you need straight-away and get back to studying. But our tutors don’t just wait for your call, they will be monitoring the group’s progress and quiz scores, tailoring their live classes to topics that the group need to focus on when home learning.

  1. How will the programme benefit you in the workplace?

Most students tell us they are taking an online course to help them feel more confident and capable in their role or to achieve the role they want. It is vital then that the online programme you choose is rooted in the real world.  All our courses are based on clear learning outcomes for your industry and tutors use real-world scenarios to bring the subject matter to life, from case studies to activities based on your own role. Our courses are not just designed to get you through the qualification, but to help you develop as a professional in your field.

If you are contemplating an online qualification, make sure you ask your training provider these questions and be satisfied with the answers – remember it is your time and effort you are spending, as well as your hard-earned cash. For more information on learning with AVADO, view our courses here.

Stephanie Khan

Posted April 30, 2018