A day in the life of… Anthony Wilkey, Account Director at AVADO

As the UK’s leading provider of inspiring digital-first learning, AVADO has an exciting and quickly changing working environment. In this exclusive series, we’re taking you into the working lives of AVADO’s key employees, so you can get a glimpse of how we consistently work to keep clients front of mind.

Anthony works closely with some of AVADO’s biggest customers and has been involved with digital for almost 20 years at organisations including Adobe, Experian, SmartFocus and Frost & Sullivan. Read below to get an exclusive insight into how Anthony works alongside clients to get valued input on product development, celebrate success, and seamlessly integrate learning into businesses.


I usually arrive at AVADO’s premises in Imperial’s White City Campus, a vibrant tech hub in the heart of London, around 8:30am.

Early morning

This morning I’m at my desk with coffee for 8.30am to prepare for a meeting. One of my key clients – a large healthcare company – has set up an introduction with their capability lead for digital, data and data analytics.

We’re looking forward to learning more about their role in the business. We‘re also keen to share details and get their feedback on our new and evolving data proposition. I take along one of our subject matter experts and use the 20-min journey as a chance to catch up with news and actions.

Late morning

I come back from my meeting and jump on a call to Google – one of our key partners for Squared Online – with James Elias, Managing Director of our digital business. They’ve got a meeting lined up with a key contact that we’ve been trying to reach, so we use the time to update them on our proposition so they can set up an introduction.


We’re trying to focus more on celebrating success internally at AVADO. As a start, I’ve invited an entire client project team – around 20 people – to talk about how our work is having an impact on their team and wider mission. Sometimes it can be a bit of a stretch to connect the dots between a digital marketing programme and helping people have healthier, longer, better lives. When you tell that story, people who might more typically be focused on data analysis or student communications get to see the bigger picture and are reminded of the importance of the work they are doing. I get back to my desk to an email saying, ‘I wish we did more of this, I feel more connected to the customer’, proof that initiatives such as this can really work.


Throughout the day I take time to respond to client requests and I’ve got one today regarding an end of programme survey. When it comes to training, it’s widely understood that as soon as a programme ends, the learner starts to forget the things that they’ve been taught. That’s why it’s critically important to apply what you’ve learned as soon as possible. My client is keen to ensure we have the right level of emphasis on this kind of application and we agree that it makes sense to survey the students and their managers, to get both perspectives.

We’re working with another client – an international insurance company – to deliver a number of custom modules for our Bite Size learning platform, Dot Native. With timelines quite tight and the project forming part of a wider client initiative, I check in with the project manager to make sure we have the right resources lined up. While AVADO will be hosting the content, the client needs to be able to access it through their learning system so they can track learner performance. I’m reassured that everything is right on track and ask the PM to keep me posted of any developments.


Evenings are an excellent time to find out what’s happening with the many students working outside standard office hours and with our international offices.

One of our offerings is Lead Digital, a 3-month online certificate in digital leadership. The second cohort recently completed the course and we ran a virtual graduation ceremony. I was part of the team delivering the ceremony; it’s a great way of being reminded how much people get out of our courses. One of our leading subject matter experts kicks off the ceremony, during which we celebrate some of the outstanding group projects, highlight the most exemplary students (as voted by their peers) and call out those that have passed with distinction, taking time to congratulate everyone on their achievements. The participants are all well used to dialling into a virtual classroom and it’s great fun with some terrific and very positive comments and exchanges coming through in the chat room.

It’s a great way to end the day, providing an opportunity to engage directly with some more of our fantastic students and see how rightly proud they are to have completed their Lead Digital journey.

Here at AVADO, we work with global brands to digitally upskill and future-proof their teams. If you’d like to get in touch and see what digital-first learning programmes we can offer your organisation, get in touch here today.


Posted August 20, 2018