Research shows strong digital usage in marketing and customer service: The ADBL Digiskills Report

Yet less than 40% have a mobile presence, and email marketing is neglected in favour of social media marketing.

Published in December, the ADBL Digiskills Report Q4 2015 collates the state of digital ability and usage at over 250 businesses around the world , offering those approaching digital transformation a valuable benchmark to set, gauge, and hone their efforts.

Looking in detail at just one of the report’s key themes, businesses’ usage of digital marketing and support channels for reach and service, it’s clear that while the current state is bright, there’s considerable room for improvement.

Overall, executives responding to our survey paint a healthy picture of their organisation’s presence on digital marketing channels. 96% of respondents feel their organisation has a presence on at least one of the channels mentioned, for example.

However, just 39% feel their organisation has a presence on mobile.

Email marketing – often considered a key indicator of an organisation’s ability to market to their potential and existing customers – is only practised by 67% of organisations, compared to 80% of organisations that use social media.

Today, it’s essential for organisations to be present where their customers are, and mobile is certainly a channel where customers are present – four out of five internet users around the world own a smartphone. And while it’s beneficial for many organisations to have an active presence on social media, whether that presence should come at the expense of valuable owned media such as email marketing is questionable.

Digital marketing and digital customer service channels are well understood and widely used

When it comes to customer service via digital channels, the organisations responding to our survey are well-versed. 43% of respondents believe customers are able to interact with them via their preferred digital channels, including in real-time.

That customer and organisation can communicate with one another so readily via digital is hugely beneficial. Both gain from enhanced communication and greater understanding of the other, customers are more relaxed and willing to share while using their preferred channels, and organisations can harness data, team collaboration tools, and cost saving measures.

For 41% of organisations, this ability to communicate with customers on their preferred digital channels is bettered yet further by customer service functions offering their customers the same or a better level of digital service as they do via traditional means – the phone or in person.

As customers grow even more accustomed to communicating with specific organisations via digital marketing and support channels, these organisations will be able to benefit even further from greater efficiency in communication, greater understanding between customer and organisation, and better customer experience in general.

Available for download right now, the ADBL Digiskills Report takes an in-depth look at the current state of organisations seeking greater digital capability.

Stephanie Khan

Posted January 12, 2016