ACCA Exam Countdown: Do it Right = Do it Once

Every week in the run-up to the ACCA exams in December, Caron Betts will be guiding us through exam preparation from a tutor’s point of view.


Football. Eastenders. Shopping. Cooking. Facebook. Cleaning. Family. Gym. Reading. Cinema. X-box. Gardening. Children. Work!

The list of activities that fill our lives is endless.

And now it’s revision time, and I am expecting my students to INCREASE the amount of time they spend studying.

On the F5 live class last night, I asked how students were getting on with their exam preparation, and Jenny replied that she was “feeling confident about the exam” and that “having lots of revision weeks is really helpful”. She added “… although I have been spending around 10 hours each weekend studying, as well as in the week.”

As a tutor, there is only so much that I can do to help students pass their exams.  I can provide the learning materials, direct them towards question practice, give feedback on mock exams, and answer as many questions as the student asks – but at some point, it is down to the student to do the work.

Jenny gets that.

With the ACCA exams, it’s about understanding that the examiner can ask a question in a variety of ways. Yesterday I had a one-to-one booked with Darya, and we covered budgeting. Usually we expect to see questions asking for the gross profit percentage, for example, but this one asked about material usage where the business had increasing inventory levels. This was the first time Darya had seen the question worded in that way, and she was stumped.

The saying “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” is perfect.

It was evident in the live class, that Jenny’s hard work was paying off.  I threw in some tricky questions where the examiner required formula to be rearranged, plus questions where the requirement was worded unusually, and because of her exposure to practice tests and mock exams she was able to tackle them all.

I was searching for a relevant inspirational quote, and stumbled across this:

You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it”  by a footballer called Lionel Messi. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

Apparently, his career tally for club and country currently stands at 582 goals in 716 games. (That’s quite good I’m told.) In September 2017, he had scored more for goals for Barcelona than the entire Real Madrid team this season.  He has almost single-handedly secured Argentina’s place in the 2018 World Cup. In the 6 games in which he played they won 5, scored 9 goals and conceded 4.  In the 8 games in which he did not play, they only won 1, only scored 6 goals and conceded 10. Arguably, he is one of the world’s greatest footballers of all time. (After this blog, I am definitely “Team Messi”!)

How did Lionel Messi become so successful?  Well, as he said – you have to sacrifice and work hard.

So, skip a football match (yes, I really said that!). Miss an episode of Eastenders. Postpone the shopping trip.  Try to find those extra few hours here and there, and after exam week you can treat yourself as much as you like.

Put in the effort now, pass the exam first time, and you never need to study that subject again.

Do it right = do it once.


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Caron Betts

Posted November 17, 2017