ACCA Exam Countdown: How to build a bus

Every week in the run-up to the ACCA exams in December, Caron Betts will be guiding us through exam preparation from a tutor’s point of view.



Charlotte was 11 this week.  She is a Lego fanatic, and for her birthday received the Lego London Bus.  With nearly 1,700 pieces and a 200-page instruction booklet this was a mammoth task.


Yet this 11-year-old tackled the project in a logical and practical manner:

  1. She took each bag of pieces in turn and organised them into what she needed.
  2. She followed the instructions step-by-step to ensure the completed bus was correct.
  3. Then, when she had a problem, she sought help from her mother.

We could learn a lot from that little girl.

It’s now been seven weeks since we started studying for the F5 Performance Management and F6 Taxation exams, and during that time the students have faced their own “mammoth” tasks. With the F5 syllabus having 25 separate topic areas, and the F6 syllabus having 32 – and with each of those areas being sub-divided into detailed lists of skills to be achieved – students required a logical and practical manner to complete the tuition phase.

Therefore, as we approach the revision phase, let’s follow Charlotte’s example:

  1. Students need to take each of those pieces of information and organise them into the different types of formulas, equations and proformas that they will need in the exam room.
  2. When practising questions, they need to follow the step-by-step instructions on how to complete the calculation or computation, to ensure their answers are correct and complete.
  3. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it’s knowing that it’s OK to ask the tutor for help.

I expect to be busy over the next moth as I help my students prepare for the exam. Is four weeks enough? Well, if Charlotte can build a bus in two days…


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Caron Betts

Posted November 3, 2017