“ACCA tutors at AVADO make the courses come to life!”

This week we caught up with ACCA veteran, Rob Welsh, on how life’s progressed since he began studying with AVADO. 

In his own words… 

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I started studying with AVADO about 2 years ago with nothing other than experience under my belt. Now, I’m on the ACCA F8 paper, having completed F1-7 and passing them all first time! 

Before I started studying with AVADO, I was living in the Midlands and working in Norfolk as a Finance Director. Honestly, having to travel that far for work made me very homesick and after 3 years of travelling near 130 miles each way, I found a job only a few miles from home. 

Whilst looking for a new role, I found that because my capabilities were very different from what the paperwork said, it was really hard for me to find a job at the same level I’d got to – I was going for jobs but not getting them. 

I did a lot of research and came across AVADO. After filling in my contact details, I received a call from one of their enrolment consultants. Now, anyone reading this who works in Finance will know, us financiers don’t like sales pitches, but this was very different. The phone call was a very honest experience and AVADO’s offering ticked all the boxes I needed. I think it was the personal touch that did it for me. It wasn’t a big corporate sales-y job, I felt like a person. It was about me and my choice. 

My employer in Norfolk paid for my F1-3 as a parting present – I had, and still have, a very good relationship with them. I was on F2 or F3 when I physically moved and continued to complete F4-6 by September 2017. It was then that I decided to take a break.  

Between September and December last year I was very proactive – I practised yoga, kept fit and kept my mind active. At one stage, I purchased some books to try and complete further units myself but, without the support, the weekly deadlines etc. which AVADO provided, I just wasn’t going to do it, which is why I jumped straight back in! 

AVADO’s tutors make the courses come to life – their sense of humour helps! Accountants are known for being the “colour grey” – well, that’s the stereotypical view anyway! AVADO breaks that barrier and gives you a little bit extra to ensure your studies are worth more than just the paper.  

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Holly Maunders

Posted March 19, 2018