Has your organisation achieved Multi-Moment Marketing?

A joint study between Google and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) last year across 200 companies found that only 2% had achieved full Digital Marketing Maturity. To recap what was written in our last blog post, Digital Marketing Maturity consists of four stages that most organisations sit at. They are nascent, emerging, connected and multi-moment.

Companies that could achieve Multi-Moment Marketing saw significant improvement on campaign metrics, achieving cost savings of up to 30% and revenue increases of up to 20%. That being said, we fully understand that being able to create successful cross-channel marketing campaigns is no walk in the park. Up to 83% of the companies that were surveyed had indicated that they were unable to make meaningful connections across consumer touch points and a further 80% were suffering from inadequate cross-functional coordination.

This means that there’s alot more that companies can do in order to push themselves ahead of the competition. To help you along this journey, we’ve recorded an on-demand webinar titled “Achieving Multi-Moment Marketing” led by Avado’s very own CEO, Mark Creighton.

In this webinar which runs for about an hour, Mark speaks to 3 distinguished panelists about what it means to be truly digitally mature when it comes to marketing – from delivering great content and making sure people see it, to focusing your strategy on the channels that really count. 

The panel includes:

  • Patrick Singer, Head of Scaled Customer Education, Google Digital Academy
  • Dhiren Master, Chief Marketing Officer, Salary Finance
  • Helena Langdon, Freelance Creative Marketing Expert

Fill in the form provided to view the webinar or contact us at the following: marketing.apac@avadolearning.com | +65 6876 7908

Radzif Nasri

Posted September 18, 2020