L&D with its future on the line

Amy Crawford, Managing Director of AVADO Professional, has an article in this month’s edition of theHRDIRECTOR magazine discussing the future of L&D. Why, she asks, does online learning continue to disappoint so many companies even though traditional face-to-face training is only getting less feasible as more staff start working remotely? The answer is that most online learning fails to engage learners effectively.

“An online course should do what any great teacher would – provide knowledge, check understanding and encourage learners to reflect on what they have learned.” Crawford says. “It should be a transformative experience, not just a box ticking exercise.”

So what makes a good online course? Crawford suggests interactive elements like quizzes and exciting multimedia content like videos, infographics, and live classes. The learning platform also needs to be easy to use and accessible anywhere on mobile devices to accommodate busy schedules; people want to be able to learn on their commute, or even on holiday!

Although learning together with others in a group may seem to take away some of the flexibility of online learning, Crawford argues that it allows learners to maintain momentum throughout their course, and to benchmark themselves against the peers in order to stay motivated.

The most important piece of advice she has, however, is to remove as many “static resources” as possible from your online learning. “That means long pages of text that ask for no interaction or reflection from the reader” – just handing learners lengthy pieces of reading with little to no guidance is potentially the biggest reason for the low completion rates online learning has traditionally suffered from.

This kind of thinking is built into everything we do here at AVADO. All of our courses are packed with exciting content to keep learners engaged. Not only do our students learn alongside a cohort of other professionals on the same course, but they also have the oportunity to interact with each other through the forums on our award winning online campus and participate in group activities during our regular live classes. Plus, it’s all available 24/7 from any internet enables device; so they can study when they want, where they want. At AVADO, the future of L&D is already here.


If you are interested in experiencing a better kind of online learning, give one of our Course Advisors a call on 020 7173 5664.

George Ferguson

Posted July 14, 2017